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Hello... Rapid Response

What salesperson doesn't want to get quotes turned around faster? The less time you wait for a quote, the shorter your sales cycle, so you can realize revenue faster and move on to the next opportunity.

AVANT has always been known for the responsiveness of our pricing analysts, and as our Trusted Advisor ecosystem grows at this current, unprecedented pace, we are investing in that mission-critical team so its performance accelerates faster than its workload. With newly added headcount, we are increasing our ability to respond quickly to pricing and registration requests, thereby enhancing our partners’ ability to break free and get ahead.

That's why we're excited to introduce Pete and Lucas, the latest additions to our pricing analyst team.

Pete Mandich
Pete developed his analytical skills in areas outside IT/communications, coming to us from the music and entertainment industry. But we brought him on as pricing analyst because we respected his high energy, his diverse yet relevant background, and his willingness to take on new responsibilities. On the personal side, Pete has a Frengle (French bulldog/Beagle) named Ophelia (after a Lumineers song). He has been a competitive golfer since age 5, and is also passionate about music—especially rap/hip-hop—and snowboarding. He adds, “I chose AVANT because I hadn’t walked into any office before where I felt more of a welcoming spirit.”

Lucas Blanco
Lucas also comes to us from a creative background—he worked as a purchasing analyst in advertising, and also as a writer and a production assistant for several music venues. He is hard-driving, having graduated in three years with his BA from the University of Miami. He appreciates music, loves going to shows, and plays a wide variety of instruments. We appreciate Lucas’s work ethic, his originality, and his sharp eye for process and detail.

By bringing on pricing analysts like Lucas and Pete, AVANT is demonstrating our commitment to getting your sales moving at the speed of now.