AVANT Debuts Exclusive Provider Analytics within Pathfinder 2.0 at SFS

AVANT's Pathfinder 2.0

Trusted Advisors can win more business with AVANT by utilizing the game-changing platform.

CHICAGO, September 27, 2023AVANT, a platform for IT decision-making and the nation’s premier Technology Services Distributor, will reveal significant improvements to Pathfinder 2.0 (P2) next week at the 6th annual Special Forces Summit in Phoenix, Ariz. Updates to P2 include:

  • New provider analytics. Enables more informed, data-driven decision-making based on the real and verified experiences of Trusted Advisors (TA).
  • A connected experience. Ensures a faster, more efficient sales cycle by up-leveling engagement levels between AVANT, TAs, and providers.
  • Expanded vendor portfolio. Offers a more intuitive and customer-ready experience for the TA.

“Our team is committed to empowering Trusted Advisors by providing them access to exclusive resources and tools, like Pathfinder 2.0, which provides exclusive and essential insights for data-driven client conversations,” said Ian Kieninger, CEO and Co-Founder, AVANT. “This platform showcases the experiences and the strength of the Trusted Advisor community, enabling them to navigate the evolving technology landscape confidently. With access to years of verified transactions in real-time, the Provider Analytics feature is the ultimate ‘sales cheat code’ that makes it possible to win more deals faster with AVANT.”

Game-Changing Provider Analytics

With P2 and the AVANT Analytics engine, TAs can tap into vendor data that cannot be found elsewhere. Years of extensive data accumulation by AVANT and the Trusted Advisor Community have created dependable and authenticated vendor ratings of verified sales across key business sectors, including Cybersecurity, CCaaS/UCaaS, Connectivity, Cloud, and Colocation.

“We are excited to see Pathfinder become a central platform for communication and collaboration between AVANT, our providers, and our Trusted Advisors,” said Jake Schuman, Vice President of Product, AVANT. “The AVANT Provider Analytics engine is a pioneering development that empowers the Trusted Advisor by directly putting the power of vendor performance data into their hands. With dependable and verified sales ratings, this engine has become a game-changer for our Trusted Advisors because we require a validated customer deal or experience.”

P2 provides access only to verified vendor data collected from over 1,500 surveys conducted by AVANT following deal closure and post-sale implementation. Other industry review programs often include non-validated data. Once collected, this data is analyzed by AVANT’s data scientists. With more than two years of vendor data available, AVANT Analytics is the industry’s most reliable source of understanding the TA’s opinions of the vendor experience.

“Pathfinder 2.0 is a resource that empowers our team to engage in productive and knowledgeable discussions pertaining to the latest developments and trends within the industry,” said Alex Stanich, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Packet Fusion. “Offering a comprehensive and current understanding of the market, it allows us to provide the most informed and valuable insights to our clients.”

Matthew Toth, President, C3 Technology, said, “We were an early adopter of AVANT’s Pathfinder tool. From customer-facing matrices to back-office commission tools, we’ve found Pathfinder to be an important tool in our ecosystem. With the introduction of AVANT Analytics within the tool, we’re excited to present the next level of Pathfinder to our clients.”

A Connected Experience

P2 is an essential tool for enabling TAs to engage directly with AVANT’s sales and back-office resources. The direct connections to the right resources within the platform create a faster, more efficient sales cycle. New to P2 is a commission inquiry section where TAs can open a new inquiry, drag and drop files, submit commission questions, and see the real-time status, which is directly integrated with the commission inquiry team to ensure timely resolution and visibility.

“Pathfinder 2.0 is fundamentally changing the way Trusted Advisors interact with AVANT’s experts, from accelerating time to closed sales, booking revenue for faster commission processing, and engaging with pre- and post-sale back-office resources,” said Alex Danyluk, Managing Director, AVANT Analytics. “The new capabilities are the next steps in enabling a more connected experience with the industry’s best experts.”

Expanded Vendor Portfolio

A newly designed provider portfolio within P2 offers a more intuitive and customer-ready experience for the TA. Providing contact details, marketing content, survey analytics, and tools for generating quotes, the vendor portfolio supports quick filtering and vendor location, making it easier for TAs to navigate.

Trusted Advisors attending the Special Forces Summit, October 2-5, 2023, will have the opportunity to preview the new features of Pathfinder 2.0. To learn more about the event or to register, visit https://goavant.net/sfs23.


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