January Sales Engineering Braintrust

Explore the January Edition of our Sales Engineering Braintrust, where we dive into the details of a recent win in the Trusted Advisor community, with the help of AVANT! Learn the tools they utilized to get the opportunity closed. Plus, check out the newest Pathfinder features we’ve added!

The Win Wire

A private equity company in the finance industry was executing on a cloud-first strategy for the IT infrastructure. This meant they wanted to move away from MPLS and select a replacement solution. Key requirements that they communicated were low latency and network optimization for Azure, DealCloud, Microsoft 365, and Zoom.

So, how did we support the win? The Trusted Advisor led the process from the beginning, researching companies and composing an RFP. As the RFP was drafted, AVANT Engineer Chip Hoisington offered critical insight, as well as technical support during initial meetings. Pathfinder also provided crucial in capturing the customer’s interest early on.

Ultimately, we worked together to pinpoint the correct vendor for their needs. The result? A closed deal with Masergy, including 29 sites! If you think your current and potential opportunities could benefit from the support of our Sales Engineers, fill out this quick form and get connected with an SE!

Welcome, Amanda Bean

We are so excited to welcome our newest Sales Engineer, Amanda Bean, to the team!

Amanda has spent more than 17 years in the contact center space, working in a variety of different roles including manager, engineer, trainer, and business development director. In her past roles, she’s helped lead a decision-making process to consolidate 12 contact center platforms to Genesys and deploy over 250 locations across the globe, all while supporting 9,000 agents through integration. Amanda’s combination of expertise, experience, and skills make us confident she will be a great fit on the Sales Engineering team and a massive support to our Trusted Advisors!

Outside of work, Amanda is actively involved in social justice work in her community. She is a leader at the Season for Non-Violence Collective and resides in Virginia Beach, VA! She has previously coached and played NCAA softball and was selected to play against the USA Olympic Team! In her free time, she enjoys dolphin watching, traveling, camping, and exploring creative pursuits like poetry, writing, and drawing. You can connect with Amanda on LinkedIn here to learn more about her and her experience in the industry!

Pathfinder Updates

  • Get certified and widen your knowledge of technology solutions with our newest certifications in Colocation and Connectivity!
  • Get to know some key UCaaS solution providers with our Featured Vendor Modules
  • Showcase our robust Wireless providers to your customers with a simple and filterable interface using the new Wireless Matrix!