AVANT’s NEW Certification Courses are LIVE Pathfinder

As change agents, Trusted Advisors help end customers navigate the pace of change by understanding technology foundations and trends, agnostically evaluating a customer’s business needs, and by leveraging best practices for selling specific solutions. The four new courses on UCaaS, CCaaS, Security and BaaS / DRaaS technologies include:

  • Brief history of the technology
  • Explanations of the “as a service” solutions
  • Case studies
  • Conversation starters for various stakeholders
  • Common objections and suggested rebuttals
  • AVANT Interactive Quick Assessments
  • AVANT Dynamic Matrices

AVANT partners who complete the required course material will earn a Trusted Advisor badge to showcase their expertise and define their brand.

“Many of our highest performing partners expressed an urgent need for agnostic technology and sales trainings to enable Trusted Advisors to confidently navigate the constantly changing market,” said Shane McNamara, Executive Vice President of Engineering and Operations. “As a result, we gathered partner feedback and dedicated countless resources to creating a Trusted Advisor certification program for some of today’s hottest technologies. Housed in our brand-new Trusted Advisor Academy, the certification courses will empower our partners to help customers make the best next generation technology decisions for their business.”

AVANT is dedicated to empowering our Trusted Advisors and enabling them to navigate the constantly changing industry with exceptional resources. This academy demonstrates the commitment to our partners and was designed with input from our world-class engineering and sales teams.

Already a Pathfinder user? Get started today on your Trusted Advisor certification, by accessing the Academy in Pathfinder’s back office view, powered by AVANT! Reach out to your Channel Manager if you have questions about how to access Pathfinder.

If you are interested in a certification course, contact AVANT at [email protected] to learn more about access to Pathfinder as an AVANT Trusted Advisor!