AVANT Hustle Awards

“When I think of successful people, they don’t just dream about it happening. They don’t just hope that it happens. They go out and do the things nobody else wants to do to make it happen. You can be the most intelligent person in the room. You can have talents that nobody else has. If you don’t add the ingredient of Hustle, you generally will never see what your full potential could be. Anyone that has ever reached true dreams and goals hustled HARD.” – Drew Lydecker

Celebrating outstanding work is a cornerstone of AVANT. Internally the Hustle Awards, recognize our employees when they go above and beyond for each other or for our Trusted Advisors. This commitment to excellence shouldn’t be limited to only AVANT employees. Our Vendors – a valuable extension of the AVANT family – regularly go above and beyond for AVANT team members, our Trusted Advisors and their end customers too. Our program, called the Vendor Hustle Awards, acknowledges their contributions!

We are very proud to announce our latest Vendor Hustle Winners!

Nominated from our Trusted Advisors community – Congratulations Adam, Reid and Abby!

  • Adam Sayles – Vonage
    “It’s an honor to be recognized for this award. More importantly, it is a privilege to be able to work with an organization that is driving innovation and facilitating transformation across the industry. The passion that AVANT brings to work every day is contagious for their suppliers, agents, and their agents’ end customers. I’m looking forward to our continued success in 2021.”
  • Reid Starr – Granite
    “Working with AVANT continues to be an incomparably positive experience that Channel Managers in this business strive for. What Granite and AVANT have been able to build over the last 2 years, would not be possible without AVANT representing the best our industry has to offer. We are grateful for this recognition and for the incredibly communicative, supportive, conscientious partnership we have developed together.”
  • Abby Vanek – Momentum
    “It’s not really work if you’re having fun!”

Nominated from AVANT – Congratulations Greg, Don, Patrick, Aaron and Brian!

  • Greg Franzen – Vonage
    “Being recognized as a “Hustler” in the AVANT ecosystem, where people have been in a full sprint for 11 years trying to keep pace with an absurd rate of change is something I find extremely humbling, Thank you!”
  • Don Felman – Genesys
    “Thank you Jaime and AVANT crew. Your team is the best in the business! I appreciate your support and partnership and look forward to our continued success. I am aiming for that top spot in CCaaS this year!”
  • Patrick McMillin – Zoom
    “Thank you so much! It is a real honor to be part of this. Doing business together has been a blast and I’m thrilled that I get to work on projects with Shannon Orr, John Lopez and the AVANT team every day. #GoAVANT!!!!”
  • Aaron Leveston – Zoom
    “Thank you for the recognition! Bana, Cheryl, John and the whole AVANT team have been amazing to work with. Looking forward to many more wins!”
  • Brian Bonebrake – 8×8
    “First and foremost, thank you for this award! I am truly honored. At the end of the day I am just trying my best to be as responsive and thorough as I can be with every question and interaction. This is a team effort. It is a partnership. Without the same responsiveness and thoroughness shown by John Paullin, Brent Wilford, Sarah Arnstein and Ghazal Baniasad on the AVANT Engineering Team, as well as the support from Jamaal Savwoir, Kathy Mazza, Lydia Gallegos and the Engineering Team at 8×8 I don’t think I’d have earned this award. Thank you for your partnership and I look forward to having another great year with AVANT and the Trusted Advisor community.”Keep Hustlin’