July Sales Engineering Braintrust

Check out the latest edition of our Sales Engineering Braintrust, which includes:

  • Win Wire: Learn how a Trusted Advisor utilized our Interactive Quick Assessments to bring in AVANT support and close a UC/CC deal with Dialpad
  • Engineering Spotlight: Meet Eric Cooke, our newest AVANT SE
  • Pathfinder Updates: Refresh your knowledge with our collection of Engineering Quick Hits and dive into our latest training content
  • AVANT Updates: Check out the details of ELEVATE, our new in-person training events for technical and advanced sellers

 Win Wire

The Breakdown

  • Technology Category: UCaaS/CCaaS
  • Sales Engineer: Amanda Bean
  • Industry: Dental Services
  • Size and scope: 172 UCaaS and 45 CCaaS seats in the U.S. and Colombia
  • Winning provider: Dialpad
  • MRC: $4K

The Details

What were the drivers for the client?
The Trusted Advisor’s customer, a dental services company, wanted to enable and expand their remote agent workforce while achieving a cost reduction. They were looking for a solution that boosted their ability to make on-demand IVR updates, improved analytics, and provided better supervisor monitoring for their agents.

How did the Trusted Advisor close the deal?
The Trusted Advisor led the discovery process. They set the win into motion by submitting an Interactive Quick Assessment (IQA) on Pathfinder. This allowed Amanda, the AVANT SE brought into the deal, to quickly identify the best providers that would deliver the ideal solution for the dental practice. The TA and Amanda flushed out key technical details for international users and presented the vendors that were best positioned for the future goals of the customer, leading to a quick and easy decision!

How did AVANT support the win?
AVANT’s IQA on Pathfinder captured all of the technical requirements and challenges the dental practice was facing with their current technology. This allowed Amanda to parse through the information efficiently. She checked in on additional details regarding SMS for Colombian users to ensure international needs would be met. From there, the AVANT team registered the opportunity, scheduled demos, provided pricing comparisons, and helped the Trusted Advisor close the deal!

Our team of Sales Engineers are the best in the business, and they’re ready for you to put them in the game. Get started by connecting with them here or filling out a solution IQA on Pathfinder.

Engineering Spotlight

Meet Eric Cooke, Senior Sales Engineer and our newest addition to the team!

Eric has 25 years of experience in the industry and 15 years supporting the channel specifically. He has been with AVANT and PlanetOne, working alongside partners since 2014. Throughout this time, he’s held various roles in technical sales, provisioning, and project management, specializing in Connectivity, Colo, SD-WAN, and Voice.

Outside of work, here’s a bit more about Eric, in his own words!

Where are you located? Orange County, CA

What is the best vacation you’ve been on? The best vacation I’ve ever taken was a small island off of Fiji, neighboring where they filmed Castaway. There were only about 40 beachfront private huts on the whole island. It had amazing snorkeling, kayaking, exploring, and relaxing!

What TV show are you currently watching? Just finished watching Succession on HBO. I loved the family dynamics and how it created chaos in all of their lives.

You can connect with Eric on LinkedIn here!

 Pathfinder Updates

 AVANT Updates

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