Skyrocketing Costs and Decommissioning of POTS Lines Addressed

 | Jun 21, 2023
 | 24 min.
AVANT Analytics Connectivity

In this episode of AVANT Technology Insights, Chip Hoisington, AVANT Senior Director of Engineering, and Gabe Sette, Spectrotel Senior Vice President, talk about what exactly is going on with POTS lines! Everybody is calling them about these crazy POTS lines, as costs skyrocket and users receive shut-off notices. To answer all your questions, Chip and Gabe review what’s in the POTS line and TDM copper-based kind of connectivity world today and explain how their organizations are helping solve the problem for Trusted Advisors and customers! Listen in to learn more!


Chip Hoisington

Sr Director of Connectivity, Colo, & Wireless, AVANT


Gabe Sette

Sr. Vice President, Spectrotel