AVANT Expands Avaya Cloud Office™ Offering Internationally to Meet Growing Demand

AVANT Network of Trusted Advisors to Offer Avaya UCaaS Solution Featuring All-in-one Voice, Text, Meetings, Video Conferencing, Collaboration and More

LONDON – June 29, 2020 – AVANT Communications, a master agent and leader in channel sales enablement of next generation technology solutions, and Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE:AVYA), a global leader in solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, today announced that AVANT is a new master agent for its Avaya Cloud Office™ by RingCentral® offering across Europe – initially offered in the United Kingdom before the solution is rolled out across the continent. The announcement comes just months after AVANT’s growing ecosystem of channel sales professionals, known as Trusted Advisors, began offering the solution in the United States and represents an expansion of the partnership to bring Avaya’s all-in-one collaboration solution to more customers on a global scale.


Avaya Cloud Office was created through the strategic partnership with RingCentral and provides seamless communications and collaboration capabilities across multiple channels to meet the unique needs of customers across the globe. The cloud-based communications system features enterprise grade voice, video, team messaging, meetings, conferencing and collaboration allowing companies to easily connect all workers to a single system regardless of their location, whether they are in the office, mobile, or remote. Through its network of Trusted Advisors, AVANT will now be able to help enterprises navigate the rapidly evolving IT landscape with Avaya’s world-class UCaaS offer and empower customers to make the right technology choices to solve today’s business problems.


“AVANT was founded a decade ago at the beginning of the age of hyper-accelerating technology, and the enterprise demand for UCaaS has increased substantially during that time and continues to grow. Our expertise in this area makes us uniquely positioned to help further accelerate the adoption of Avaya Cloud Office across Europe through our extensive network of Trusted Advisors. With today’s fast-moving business environment and technology offerings becoming increasingly complex, there has never been more confusion in the marketplace – it is our job to help our Trusted Advisors bolster their expertise to help their customers make smart technology investments now and into the future,” said AVANT President, Drew Lydecker.


Now more than ever before, as companies across the globe shift to an increased amount of remote work, it’s vital that organizations enable their teams to collaborate and be productive from any location and on any device. Avaya Cloud Office brings together more than 130 business integrations to customize a true cloud unified communications experience, which provides features in one convenient app such as calling, team messaging, video conferencing, file sharing, digital customer engagement and more.


“With Avaya Cloud Office, businesses across the globe now have the full power of innovation in their hands to collaborate and work better together at their own speed, smoothly and efficiently while navigating a landscape in a constant state of change,” said Rudo Tielrooij, Director of Cloud Sales International, Avaya. “We are extremely proud to provide this unique solution to IT professionals in the region, to move their businesses forward with improved communications and collaboration. Through our valued partnership with AVANT and their team of Trusted Advisors, we are excited to make Avaya Cloud Office available to many more customers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.”


Through its adoption of Avaya Cloud Office in the U.S. and now on a broader global scale, AVANT provides its network of Trusted Advisors with a flexible, best-in-class solution for end users to operate more intelligently and successfully. Cloud technology is deeply entrenched in AVANT’s DNA and with a strong heritage in next-generation technologies, AVANT is uniquely positioned to help Trusted Advisors leverage the benefits of UCaaS and create new market opportunities as customers seek out platforms that can facilitate digital transformation and keep up with today’s fast-moving business environment.


For additional information on Avaya Cloud Office, please visit the web page. For more information on AVANT, please visit https://goavant.net/.



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