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AVANT Research and Analytics performs primary research and creates original content on the technology, solutions, and trends in IT giving IT decision-makers and Trusted Advisors a strategic view of the industry landscape.

The rate of change in IT and telecom technology is the highest it’s ever been in history and continues to accelerate. CIO’s and IT departments are seeing their scope increase as the breadth of their responsibilities grows and reaches into all aspects of the enterprise. They’re tasked with supporting infrastructure, line of business applications, and providing value to the organization and its internal stakeholders all while still needing to keep the lights on and the bad actors out.

Given the accelerating rate of change today, there’s no way an IT staff, executive team, or board can keep up alone. It’s our job to do it. That’s why we’re here.”

– Drew Lydecker, President, AVANT

That’s why we’ve dedicated our Research and Analytics team to discovering the emergent trends in IT and conducting primary research based on thousands of purchasing decisions and transactions while leveraging deep knowledge and expertise of the technologies, solutions, and vendors that own the landscape today and will change the landscape in the future.

We’re an extension of your team that uncovers the key insights on which a solid and future-proof IT strategy is built. Put us to work for you, discover our content today!

Ken Presti, Research Vice President

Ken is a veteran IT industry analyst with layers of experience, from working as a Research Director at IDC to running his own market research and channel advisory firm. His areas of expertise encompass go-to-market and channel strategies spanning the industry sectors of networking, cloud, security, and telecom. Earlier in his career, Ken was a radio reporter covering space shuttle launches from the Kennedy Space Center.

As AVANT’s resident digi-teller, he’s relating the insights gleaned from decades of experience and thousands of real-world IT purchasing decisions and transactions to tell the story of today’s technology and predict actionable insights for tomorrow.

Connect with Ken on Linkedin or email him.

Featured Podcast Episode
Becoming a Trusted Advisor is about solving your customers' business problems in an "agnostic" way that ultimately solidifies the relationship between the Trusted Advisor and the customer. In this podcast, Drew Lydecker and Ken Presti discuss how companies can raise this customer-centric focus towards better…

Prior to AVANT, Drew worked as a Voice & Data specialist at CDW. He played a key part in helping CDW become one of the largest telecommunications agents in the world as the number one specialist on the team.

Guest: Drew Lydecker, President and Co-Founder, AVANT

612 Report: SASE

AVANT has learned that the security component is pre-eminent. More than two-thirds of the respondents in our survey point to security as the main benefit of SASE.

612 Report: CCaaS

This 6-12 Report focuses on Contact Center as a Service, better known as CCaaS, a cloud-based offering that combines the voice connectivity of legacy call centers with digital channels, text messaging, and social media.

612 Report: UCaaS

An enterprise decision-maker’s guide to UCaaS in the age of COVID-19 With interest spiking 86% amidst the pandemic, find out how to assess UCaaS in this new era of business.

SECURITY 6-12 Report

This 6-12 Report is designed to help enterprise decision-makers evaluate their company’s IT security framework for the horizon of the next six to 12 months.

State of Disruption Report

AVANT conducted a cross-industry survey of 300 enterprise technology leaders at the manager level and above who lead tech purchasing decisions to reveal the state of digital transformation efforts.


A 6-12 Report is designed to evaluate a given technology and its viability for the next 6 to 12 months. This report focuses on SD-WAN, the most disruptive technology in network and IT.

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