Win Place & Show: CCaaS Edition

Today, we start a new recurring feature from AVANT Research & Analytics called, “Win Place & Show!”

Think of this as your place for upscale, statistical fine dining with a tasty “amuse bouche” of AVANT’s featured data, or, in some cases (like this one), upcoming data that hasn’t yet been released in our reports. At any rate, we’ll give you the top three responses that answer some truly profound technology questions – or maybe some less profound questions that are interesting anyway. Note that this is an early peek. So, the numbers might vary in the final report as new data comes in.

To wit: Based on our surveys of technology prospects, better known as Interactive Quick Assessments (IQAs), we now give you the top three answers to a trio of contact center questions in this premiere of “Win Place & Show,” Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) Edition!

Timing can be everything.  So, in Question #1, the expiring contract takes the Win! But support and cost benefits are right on its heels.

Now for Round 2:

The thing about the tech industry is the never-ending supply of smart people building new features and functionalities into their products and services. This means that, as legacy gear gets outdated, companies are looking to upgrade. So additional functions get the Win, a desire for simpler management takes the Place, and I gotta give a Special Shoutout to the whole Work-from-Home scenario, which takes the Show!

Okay, last one for now!

Obviously, a new CCaaS solution has to work with applications already in place. Which applications are the most important for integration?  I’m glad you asked!

CCaaS can go a long way towards strengthening your customer relationships, and interoperability with these fine applications is the tip of the iceberg. Please consult your Trusted Advisor to find out more about how CCaaS might benefit your company.