Win, Place and Show: Primary Drivers to the Cloud

In our recent survey of 500 enterprise decision makers, we asked about their primary drivers for moving to the cloud. We all know that migration to the cloud continues to be on fire, but we wanted to know the specific points that companies see as justification for the move.

These sums are based on rankings which have been overall US business demographics. You’ll see more of this type of information in the forthcoming State of Disruption Report. Stay tuned.

We now present your Win, Place, and Show for Cloud Adoption.

No one is surprised to see cost reduction on this list. That was a main driver to the cloud since Day One.

Security/Compliance, however, is a different matter. During those early days, concerns about security was one of the key inhibitors to cloud adoption, but it’s now listed as the Number One driver.

Cloud providers have obviously done a good job of addressing their security issues.

And word is clearly getting around!