SASE Resource Toolkit: Grow Your Expertise to Close More Deals

In 2020, technological research and consulting firm Gartner found that approximately 10% of enterprises have explicit strategies and timelines mapped out for SASE adoption. By 2025, they expect that percentage to have risen to more than 60%, encompassing user, branch, and edge access. Changes in the way workforces are managed and working hours are spent means more and more organizations are focused on achieving reliable security that is both scalable and flexible. This is where SASE comes in! It is a massive avenue for Trusted Advisors to grow their revenue and discover a new cache of potential wins. 

In a survey conducted by AVANT Analytics, customers were asked about their plans for SASE adoption. Seventy-six percent of surveyed customers said they turn to Trusted Advisors to provide educational assistance for SASE. What does this mean for Trusted Advisors? There is truly no time like the present to begin taking advantage of the growing SASE market

To truly find success within the SASE landscape, it’s important to develop a fundamental understanding of the technology. This allows you to better understand your customer’s needs, and what types of solutions they’re looking for. Fortunately, as an AVANT partner, you have access to resources, training, and sales tools that can help you do so. Check out this breakdown of the SASE resources we developed that will enable you to pinpoint bigger opportunities and close more deals with AVANT! Here’s what you can expect in the toolkit:

  • Certifications: SD-WAN & SASE Certification and SD-WAN/SASE Engineering Quick Hit
  • Solutions: SASE Features And Who Can Benefit From Them
  • Testimonials: SASE-focused AVANT Technology Insights podcast episodes
  • Training: Regional security training events

Learn the Fundamentals

Our Trusted Advisor Academy contains several different courses and modules focused on getting you up to speed on SASE! First, get certified with our SD-WAN and SASE course. This includes the latest trends, agnostic evaluation techniques, and best practices for selling SD-WAN and SASE. You can also check out our SD-WAN and SASE Engineering Quick Hit. This is a short but impactful course you can complete in less than 20 minutes.

Connect Features to Solutions

SASE can be confusing in the fact that it is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. As one of our expert Sales Engineers, Sarah Arnstein puts it, it’s more of a framework. Within this framework, features can differ depending on providers. To develop a better understanding of the various security and network access features that a vendor might offer customers, check out Sarah’s latest blog post, SASE Features And Who Can Benefit From Them. Learn how to draw connections between your customer’s business goals and which features will be the solution that helps achieve them so that you can enter conversations with prospects with a game plan you can knowledgeably execute on!

Meet the Providers

SASE providers are as unique as the solutions they offer! For each of the various features your customer may be looking for, there are different SASE vendors that can meet their needs. Using the new SASE Portfolio Matrix on our customer-facing Pathfinder sales tool, choose the particular criteria that your customer has defined as important for their new technology. Then, compare potential providers with your customers! Examine coverage options, pricing, differentiators, and more to help your customers select the right solution. Log in to Pathfinder and choose ‘Dynamic Matrices’ to get started. If you don’t have a Pathfinder login, simply fill out this quick form to check it out and gain access!

Dive into the SASE Conversation

Once you have developed a good understanding of SASE and its foundations, the sky’s the limit! Deepen your knowledge, learn more about the many facets of SASE technologies, and join the conversations experts around the channel are having. Browse our library of AVANT Technology Insights podcasts to tune into the current discussions around the SASE market and upcoming trends. Here are a few of our favorites to get you started!

Combine Your Expertise with Sales Strategy

So, you’ve become a SASE expert. Now what!? Put your expertise to the test. Learn how to combine it with a comprehensive sales strategy. This will allow you to find and close bigger and better opportunities. Our AVANT training events are some of the best ways to expose yourself to proven strategies and channel sales experts who will help you grow your network and bring your sales and your business to the next level by tapping into the SASE market.

AVANT is your number one channel sales partner, and the best resource for enabling your business. Whether it’s new contacts and a greater network, a deeper understanding of technology, or a guide to the latest market trends and analytics, we’re here to help! Enhance your expertise in SASE technologies now with AVANT. 

Plus, don’t forget to reach out to our own experts! AVANT Sales Engineers are a valuable resource who can help lead technological conversations with prospects and create an agnostic review of potential providers. If you think your opportunity could benefit from the help of an AVANT SE, fill out an Interactive Quick Assessment today to get started!