Meet the newest additions to AVANT’s robust vendor portfolio!

As an AVANT partner, you have access to the most relevant and up-to-date portfolio of solution providers in the channel, including the latest features and technologies your customers are looking for as they develop or update their technology stack. Familiarize yourself with these newest vendors so you can successfully continue to guide your customers to the right solution for their unique organizations and business needs!

Keep reading to check out the latest new providers in our portfolio—ConectUS, MetroNet, Ntegrated, Perimeter81, and Sharpen!

ConectUS – Connectivity solution

Meet ConectUS Wireless, a Platinum member of the Verizon Partner Program – 

  • Offers all of Verizon’s mobility products and services 
  • Shares a unique relationship with Verizon Wireless that allows ConectUS to drop ship equipment directly to the customer’s place of business, eliminating most stocking inventory issues
  • Boasts an extensive Partner base that covers most of the major US markets
  • Provides high-level sales and back office support for partners

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MetroNet – UCaaS and Connectivity solution

Discover MetroNet, the largest and fastest growing independent fiber-to-the-premise operator in the country – 

  • Available or under construction in 250+ communities across 16 states
  • Leader in business-class voice and data communications services.
  • Offers a continuously growing, dense 100% fiber network that currently consists of 40,000+ route miles of fiber and 120,000+ immediately immediately serviceable commercial addresses, plus an additional 190,000+ near net buildings
  • Cutting-edge fiber optic communication services uniquely position metroNet to address the needs of any business or industry

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Ntegrated – UCaaS/CCaaS, Connectivity, SD-WAN, and Security solution 

Check out Ntegrated’s unmatched true quality experience and solution offerings.

  • Customer-oriented technology enablement partner 
  • Offers managed network/data, SD-WAN, security, and voice services
  • Specializes in tailored end-to-end solutions with a focus on the customer experience
  • Ntegrated customers will each receive a dedicated engineer, project manager, and 24/7/365 personalized support
  • Founded in 2004 with a mission to ensure customers feel valued and taken care of throughout their entire experience with Ntegrated

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Perimeter81 – Security solution

Find out how Perimeter81 can get your customer’s technology stack up to date, no matter where they’re working from – 

  • Inspired by the struggle some businesses deal with as they work to effectively secure cloud-forward while working remotely
  • Offers a break from legacy hardware/security tools and outdated network architectures
  • Allows companies to easily manage their networks and security from a single, seamless cloud service
  • Includes instant network monitoring, reduced costs, and scalability without borders

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SharpenCX – UCaaS/CCaaS solution

Explore SharpenCX’s Contact Center platform designed for an anywhere workforce – 

  • Delivers improved agent performance, no matter when or where agents are working
  • Provides an intuitive and modern platform that focuses on improved agent engagement and development
  • Requires little to no training for agents
  • Offers access to real-time data and built-in analytics

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The pace of change in technology isn’t slowing down! That’s why AVANT is always working to build out our robust vendor portfolio and share the most important updates and resources that can help our partners keep up with shifting technologies and features. Learn more about the newest vendors in our portfolio and explore additional feature solutions in Pathfinder now!