June Sales Engineering Braintrust

Check out the latest edition of our Sales Engineering Braintrust, which includes:

  • Win Wire: Dive into the latest BIG WIN with a Trusted Advisor who utilized AVANT support to close a deal worth $157K MRC
  • Engineering Spotlight: Meet John Paullin, our Director of Engineering – UCaaS/CCaaS
  • Pathfinder Updates: Explore our new Cloud Engineering Quick Hits and customer-facing Hosted Fax Matrix, as well as our latest SE-curated Ninja Notes
  • AVANT Updates: Discover the latest content created by our best-in-business SEs

 Win Wire

The Breakdown

  • Technology Category: Connectivity
  • Sales Engineer: Peter Callowhill
  • Industry: Moving & storage
  • Size and scope: 3,700 sites
  • Winning provider: MetTel
  • Winning solution: Wireless Data Cross Carrier Pool
  • MRC: $157K

The Details

What were the drivers for the client?
The client had individual service contracts with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Carrier signal failures created out-of-service conditions, and working with all three providers was both inefficient and expensive for the client.

How did the Trusted Advisor close the deal?
The client had several sites throughout the U.S., which we took into account when considering potential provider and solution options. Together, AVANT and the Trusted Advisor presented options that included providers experienced in delivering cross-carrier solutions. We gained their confidence throughout the decision-making journey as they learned about the capability of MetTel’s single or dual SIM card options, the Bruin TEM platform, and their MDM Support Desk. The client was particularly interested in the “combined carrier access” which auto-connects to the strongest signal available at any given site. 

How did AVANT support the win?
SE Peter Callowhill participated in the Trusted Advisor’s discovery call with the client. Collectively, the Trusted Advisor and Peter demonstrated their experience and industry-leading knowledge in identifying the best technical solutions and most beneficial financial options. Once the client’s requirements were stated, the TA and Peter were able to efficiently introduce the top providers in the AVANT portfolio that aligned with the organizational and technical needs of the client!

Peter and our full team of Sales Engineers are ready for you to put them in the game! Discover the support they can provide to help you carry out and close your opportunities. Connect with them here or fill out a solution IQA (Interactive Quick Assessments) on Pathfinder to get started!

Engineering Spotlight

Meet John Paullin, AVANT Director of Engineering – UCaaS/CCaaS

John brings more than 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry to the AVANT Sales Engineering team. He began his journey in 2007 as a UC Sales Engineer at InterCall and joined AVANT as our original UCaaS/CCaaS SME in 2016. He interfaces daily with AVANT’s entire ecosystem, exposing him to the latest technology trends and business goals of hundreds of different companies. Thanks to this experience and exposure, John has a unique perspective into how to address various challenges by architecting cloud-based solutions best suited for a particular client’s needs. 

John also contributes to many AVANT resources, helping facilitate and foster the continued education of our Trusted Advisors. Among other things, John oversees AVANT’s UC/CC, CPaaS, and MSFT Teams Dynamic Matrices, has helped improve our IQA formsand process, and contributes to our Ninja Notes on Pathfinder. He was a key developer of our UCaaS ROI tool on Pathfinder and frequently hosts our podcast series, AVANT Technology Insights. He also oversees the UCaaS Demo Centers in AVANT’s BattleLabs in Chicago and Dallas, which allows customers to test a variety of UC platforms before they buy. You’ll see John at many of AVANT’s training events as a regular speaker, so be sure to say hello!

Outside of work, here’s a bit more about John, in his own words!

Where are you located? Chicago, IL

What is something on your bucket list? I want to see all 7 continents. I have yet to see Antarctica and Australia. Australia and New Zealand are my next hopeful destinations. Life is short, and I want to see as much of the world as I can! Travel also brings perspective and reminds me how fortunate we are to live in the U.S.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why? Teleportation! As I said earlier, I want to see as much of the world as I can, and planes just aren’t fast enough!

You can connect with John on LinkedIn here!

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