How to Sell CCaaS To Your Prospects

The modern consumer has evolved to have extremely elevated expectations for what their customer experience, or CX, should be. As a result, a good CX is paramount to a company’s success and likely a main priority for your prospects whose organizations depend on customer service.

Dimension Data’s 2021 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report says, “Companies that are growing their business are three times more likely to view CX as a primary differentiator and 50.6% more likely to have customers at a promoter level.” In the same report, 61.9% of industry leaders said they “have a dedicated CX executive in place and are almost twice as likely to have aligned their CX to their business strategy.” Winning companies have embraced the truth that their success reflects their customer’s experience and there’s a good chance that your sales prospects are doing the same.

So, what part do you play in this equation? Adding a CCaaS service to an organization’s technology framework can help solve the challenges your prospects are facing, giving them a new avenue to reach their business goals. CCaaS solutions are brought in to improve the inbound and outbound business channels commonly utilized by organizations, including sales and customer service. As a Trusted Advisor, it’s up to you both to learn and understand the challenges of your prospect’s organization and to use your CCaaS knowledge to connect them with a provider that has the features they need.


Selling CCaaS based on integration and speed of response.
Due to the proliferation of smartphones and social media, today’s consumers are always on. This highly connected and sensitive pool lives in a competitive, fast-paced, and high-touch economy. They demand fast, efficient, and effective service in a medium that is convenient to their lifestyle. For many, this means a CX integrated into commonly used platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where customers can also routinely share praise or complaints.

Some of your prospects are also likely focusing on a solution that is both integratable with other platforms and faster than legacy predecessors as they consider implementing or upgrading their contact center services. To create opportunities from these prospects, listen for challenges related to poor response times or lack of integration with their CX and connect them with provider solutions specifically developed to address those challenges. Showcase providers with capabilities like Geofencing, CPaaS, and IoT, which can create personalized, integrated, and immediate experiences that also often result in point-of-sale systems.


Selling CCaaS based on workplace productivity and task complexity.
New avenues of customer service like Artificial Intelligence increasingly have the capability to quickly and efficiently manage common tasks that don’t require actual manpower. This allows an organization’s agents to handle the more complex and involved issues. Companies who aren’t adopting and incorporating these newer technologies run the risk of losing their consumers to more modern competitors.

So how can you identify prospects focused on a CCaaS solution that helps both modernize their customer service offerings and also works as a time management tool for their workforce? Buzz words and phrases like ‘poor productivity’ or ‘lack of efficiency’ tend to point to a prospect who is challenged by burnt out agents. Show them solutions rich in features like AI, modern agent desktops, supervisor tools, and business analytics, which can clear up a queue for agents who then can more efficiently use their time to focus on higher-priority or more complex issues, often resulting in reduced employee fatigue and turnover and increased employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity.


Selling CCaaS based on adaptability and longevity.
The pandemic taught organizations the invaluable lesson that their business processes need to be immediately adaptable. They must be operable for a workforce that could be remote, hybrid, in-office, or a revolving combination of the three. As they move other technologies to the cloud for the security, scalability, speed, and seamless experience it provides, their CCaaS platform needs to be able to do the same. According to Deloitte’s Global Contact Center Survey, 32% of surveyed organizations were running Contact Center technologies in the cloud at the end of 2020. However, 75% expect to make the move within the next two years.

Some prospects looking to either introduce CCaaS framework to their organization for the first time or update a long-standing legacy Contact Center will be focused on a no-frills, predictable, adaptable option that operates wherever they do. If these are the kinds of features prospects are focused on, a cloud-based CCaaS solution is the answer, easily moving from work-from-home environments to corporate Disaster Recovery plans by delivering uninterrupted communication when it’s needed most, without requiring maintenance staff to step in from potentially unreachable locations.

Global Reach

Selling CCaaS based on reach and compliance
Global reach is another strong reason CCaaS providers are gaining large chunks of market share. With the ability to create points of presence (POPs) across international boundaries and around the world, CCaaS providers have a leg up helping international companies as they strive to meet various regulatory and compliance needs. It is becoming increasingly impossible for legacy, premises-based Contact Centers to meet new and changing compliance mandates, such as GDPR, CCPA and TCPA, and STIR/Shaken.

Organizations focused on challenges like reach or compliance will be easy to pick up on and sell to, as they tend to fall in similar verticals and industries, and often require similar solutions. For example, as you survey prospects, pinpoint any with multiple international locations and connect them with providers who have POPs in the same location or nearby to deliver a high-quality CX. Similarly, if you have prospects in the healthcare industry, you’ll know they’re likely looking for a CCaaS provider well versed in HIPAA compliance.

Organizations depending on customer service know they need to provide a superior CX to consumers, and they know they need an updated technology framework to do so. To find opportunities that will drive your sales revenue, you must have an in-depth understanding of the evolved features of CCaaS and be able to connect those features to the goals of a client. No two clients are made the same and their challenges aren’t either. As an AVANT partner, we’ll help you learn how to identify opportunities based on your prospect’s key challenges and showcase the right solution to solve those challenges. Reach out to us today to connect with an AVANT Sales Engineer or Partner Support team member who can help you with your CCaaS opportunities.