Who’s kidding who—while we all know that together we are making the world a better and more interconnected place, the bottom line is, we all want to be paid. And with the boost AVANT makes to their earning power, our trusted partners can expect more income than ever. To keep up with the flow of money pouring to our partners, we are giving a big bump to our Finance department.

We’d like to introduce you here to four of the friendly faces who will help keep your money flowing in the right direction!

Maddie Evert
In support of AVANT’s goal to improve the overall agent community experience, we are pleased to welcome Maddie on board as Senior Revenue Analyst. Falling under that important umbrella are tasks including driving Finance initiatives, managing AVANT’s revenues, determining our partners’ margins, and proactively resolving any commission issues. Fun fact? Maddie’s not just a CPA, she was also a saxophone player in her high school marching band.

Lisa Sohn
AVANT is pleased to announce that we are expanding the commission management/support offered to our channel partners! To bring more transparency to the process, we have created a new Commission Analyst role. As such we welcome Lisa, who, with Dajana (below), will handle all aspects of agent commissions from start to finish, smoothing the overall commission process and accommodating queries and requests. Lisa has an impressive background processing commissions for 600+ employees, all manually in Excel—wow!

Gigi Alioualla
As we streamline and update our billing processes, we are pleased to welcome Gigi as AVANT’s Billing Analyst. Gigi will be responsible for billing our software and cloud services, acting as a single point of contact for providers and partners while ensuring that all invoicing is processed accurately and quickly reconciling any billing-related inquires. Curious detail about Gigi? She was born in Morocco and moved to the States at the age of 7.

Dajana Kujaca
As part of AVANT’s new Commission Analyst team, Dajana will be responsible for helping the Finance team streamline the commission process, improving the agent experience with increased collaboration and efficiency. Her bottom-line goal is to keep our agents paid and happy. You may be curious to know that Dajana is a triplet! (All girls, she is the oldest.)

These four hard-hitters join a team that seeks to verify every commission, each month. Their mission: to ensure our trusted partners receive every dollar, every time!