At AVANT, the heart and soul of our business is enabling our partner community to drive more business and open new doors to revenue opportunities. We do this through providing our partners with robust sales enablement tools and access to our immense scope of intellectual property regarding the cloud industry at large.

Another advantage we provide is our partnerships with disruptive vendors. In that regard, we ensure that our vendors share our same mission and values so that we have a sturdy foundation from which to grow our relationships. That’s why we chose Equinix, a like-minded vendor that provides carrier-neutral data centers.

You might be wondering what specifically makes Equinix so valuable to an AVANT partner’s portfolio. We talked to  Randy Clark, Global Program Manager, Sales Agents, and Kathryn Barry, Senior Global Channel Marketing Manager, to help us highlight what sets their Partner Profit Ecosystem apart from other partner programs. Here’s a hint: they actually have a Partner Profit Ecosystem.  Here are some specifics:

Think globally: When customers come looking for global solutions, Equinix has them covered. It boasts more than 100 data centers worldwide, empowering its partners to ensure that their customers leveraging Equinix will be able to grow seamlessly—whether across the country or across oceans.

Provide network choice: Part of becoming a trusted advisor in the cloud industry is demonstrating to your customers that you’re able to understand their unique needs and, accordingly, present customizable cloud solutions. As such, presenting a variety of WAN carriers is critical to ensuring that customers always have flexibility and choice of network solutions. With Equinix, partners have access to greater than 1,000 carriers that include all of the Tier 1 network providers.

Offer cloud options: Not every organization will have the same cloud strategy; therefore, partners ought to be able to present customers with a vendor that can provide a myriad of cloud choices. Equinix can future-proof your IT strategy by connecting you to numerous cloud providers in their datacenters.

Enhance the customer experience: Like AVANT, Equinix is determined to provide the best possible support for partners and their customers. As such, when partners sell Equinix solutions, they can rest assured that their customers will receive the best possible support, performance, and reliability.

Furthermore, partners can leverage the Equinix platform to resolve their customers’ most common challenges such as data center migration, technology refresh and tragic outage recovery. As well, the platform enables partners to address common use cases that customers face. For instance, when a customer is looking to create a hybrid cloud environment, Equinix has the expertise and access to multiple cloud and network providers through its Equinix Cloud Exchange program.

AVANT values our partnership with the Equinix team because, like us, it is forward-thinking and ready to disrupt the cloud market with pioneering solutions and services.

Now is the time to start thinking differently about cloud and colocation. When you leverage Equinix through AVANT’s partner program, you gain the ability to deliver the best-of-the-best solutions to your customers, meaning you’ll foster more long-lasting relationships.

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