This year at AVANT’s annual kickoff meeting, we recognized five employees that best exemplified AVANT’s core values in 2018. These employees embodied the best of the best – not only at AVANT, but we believe in the industry!

What are AVANT’s core values?
• Integrity – Build a foundation of trust through honesty.
• Run our business with passion and integrity.
• Take a stand for what is right, even when that is not the popular decision.
• Strong morals, discipline, self-control, respect for others, always tell the truth.
• Take responsibility for our actions.
• Commitment – To our customers, our teams, our company.
• Being accountable to our roles and AVANT’s goals.
• Commitment to each other and our mutual success
• Being on time, responsive and prepared.
• Positive attitude – Positivity is infectious and shows for those who truly want to be here.
• We want people to want to be here, not need to be here.
• Care truly about relationships with coworkers and customers.
• Drive – Push us and our company to get better every day.
• Always looking for ways to improve and exceed the expectations of our customers.
• We don’t tolerate mediocrity and question the status quo.
• We make things happen and think 10X.

Who are we?
Passionate, intelligent, competitive, visionary, committed.

Congratulations to the 2018 AVANT Values Award Winners and Employee of the Year!

Employee of the Year – The employee that most embodied the core values of AVANT and also had the biggest impact in 2018:

Bana Qashu, Director of Channel Sales
Bana selflessly helped NEMA get on the map in the channel and transformed the partner community to think AVANT first. She spent 2018 on the road, tirelessly traveling into PA, NYC, Boston and beyond to grow AVANT’s presence and business! Bana is always holding partners accountable to exceed their sales number month in and month out. Her positivity, excitement, and passion for AVANT are unmatched. Her enthusiasm is contagious. And above all else, Bana bleeds blue!

Congratulations to the 2018 AVANT Values Award Winners:

ALEX GHIBILIC, Revenue Analyst – What makes Alex so special to AVANT is her empathy in understanding business. Her ability to deliver complex finance messages and make them digestible and comprehensible to everyone else is exceptional! But what makes Alex an AVANT Value Award Winner is her extremely positive attitude, her willingness to help anyone at any time, and her commitment to making AVANT’s finance team a world-class financial department – the best in the business!

JP TUCKER, Director of Product – JP is, in one word, an executer. He goes outside the scope of his duties and finds a solution to any problem posed to him. He has changed the way that AVANT supports their partners, and the way that our partners support their customers by constantly making game-changing enhancements to our award-winning BattleApp. JP’s smarts, positive attitude, and creative mind make him the ideal winner of the AVANT Values Award.

ROB MERHEJ, Senior Channel Manager, EMEA – Rob is a self-starter, opening up our AVANT UK office almost four years ago. He came to AVANT with an enormous passion to take the success AVANT had in the United States and expand that across London and beyond. His emotional intelligence, dedication, leadership, and love his company all contribute to what makes Rob an irreplaceable part of the AVANT family, and was an easy choice for a winner of the AVANT Values Award!

ALLISON HAMMOND, Inside Channel Manager – Allison’s can-do attitude, drive to excel, and her thoughtful and intelligent approach to supporting partners made her a perfect person to receive the AVANT Values Award. Her responsiveness and thoroughness have made our trusted advisors and providers love working with her, making her a critical part of AVANT’s sales team!