AVANT’s Covid-19 Fundraiser: Gentlemen, Start Your Razors!

As Covid-19 continues to spread across our communities, AVANT Communications has launched a fundraiser with “Feeding America,” a nationwide network of 200 food banks that serves 40 million needy children, families, and seniors each year.

“Unemployment claims over the last few weeks have been astronomical,” said Alex Danyluk, AVANT’s chief strategy officer. “The lower part of the income bracket will be the hardest hit, because they are often dependent on a cash economy and will not benefit from government unemployment subsidies.  There has never been a more urgent need to assist those struggling to make ends meet during this new economic reality.  I feel so fortunate that I’m healthy, employed and can make a difference to a family by helping them put a meal on their table through Feeding America.”

While the need for such assistance amidst this global pandemic and its disruption to our economies is clear to everyone, Alex is one of three AVANT executives who have stepped forward with an added bonus to help stimulate donations.

If our fundraising campaign hits the $10,000 mark by the end of April, Alex has promised to SHAVE HIS HEAD on a live, May 1st webinar. Hair factors prominently in Alex’s personal style. Last Halloween he donned a wig as the mad scientist on the movie, “Back to the Future,” so shaving his head will be….well…. a bit PAINFUL for him!

But that’s not all.

If the donations by the end of the month hit $12,000, Danyluk will be joined by Shane McNamara, AVANT’s EVP Sales, East.  Given that Shane is already well-known for sporting a smooth, shiny, shaved skull, he will “hair-up” with a promise to WEAR A WIG for a full week, starting on that same May 1st webinar.

“I have always had the mentality that I would do any job in order to keep my family safe and fed, and I think most people have that same mentality,” he said. “But in today’s environment, that is almost impossible because there are no jobs. Instead, they have to rely on nest eggs, credit cards or government subsidies. If wearing a wig motivates my family, friends and colleagues to contribute, that’s great. But, to be honest, I would do so much more if it meant that more people could go to sleep knowing they will have food for their families.”

So much more? Hmm. What can we come up with? Okay, we’ve got special incentives to get to $10,000 and $12,000. Do we hear $14,000?

Yes, we do!

At the $14,000 mark, Alex and Shane will be joined by Rick Reed, AVANT’s senior director of channel sales, whose also got a fresh blade in lock-n-load for a SHAVED HEAD. “Let’s cut to the chase!”, demanded Reed. “Shane NEEDS a wig, and the mad scientist needs to get rid of that hair.  And I also think Alex’s mustache should come off at $20K!”

Alex has had his mustache for his entire adult life. In fact, I think I saw him in a 16 mm movie back when I was in college. Wasn’t he the guy who brought in the pizza?

In any case, when it comes to his upper lip, Alex’s defenses are rock solid.

“Rick – don’t even think about it!” was his retort. “You can’t have my mustache at any price!  Grow your own, man! I also know Shane is looking to score some of my gray hair, hoping that it might make him look more sophisticated and debonair. I’ll graciously donate it for his wig because that’s the kind of guy I am.  Happy to help a friend in desperate need.”

Shane was having none of it!

“Most people are not blessed with a good head to pull-off the bald look,” he answered. “Alex and Rick shaving their heads might actually scare more people into contributing than anything else. I mean, if you take a hard look, they have giant heads!”

Challenges from people outside AVANT are also being accepted, minus, of course, the wise-guy remarks.

Corporate donations are greatly appreciated and will be recognized on May 1st but will not count towards the head shave/wig goal. That would be too easy.

Please help AVANT and the Trusted Advisor community to set the table for a hunger-free America. Click here to donate: http://help.feedingamerica.org/goto/GoAvant.

For more information, contact the AVANT Charity Committee at [email protected].