AVANT Technology Insights with Ken Presti

AVANT Research & Analytics is pleased to announce a new dimension in our mission supporting AVANT’s platform for IT decision-making.

Our new podcast, “AVANT Technology Insights with Ken Presti,” is now available on Apple, Spotify, Google Play, and other venues where popular business and technology podcasts are found. Feel free to search the podcast and, of course, you are cordially invited to subscribe.

AVANT Technology Insights with Ken Presti is your source for information on enterprise-level technologies that are used to solve key business challenges, effectively and economically. Leveraging data and other resources from the AVANT Communications “6-12” series of market research reports, these podcasts provide up-to-date information and useful advice on technologies such as software-defined wide area networking, IT security, Unified Communications-as-a-Service, Contact Center-as-a Service, colocation, cloud, and business model aspects around the broad “as-a-service” phenomenon.

These podcasts will help enterprise IT decision-makers to better understand the options before them, and to work more smoothly with their chosen Trusted Advisors.

When used in conjunction with the corresponding AVANT 6-12 Report, listeners will have in-depth knowledge of the roles played by these technologies, and how they can help to build your bottom line.

For full access to the AVANT Technology Insights with Ken Presti podcast, please visit your favorite source for podcasts or click http://goavant.libsyn.com. To browse other resources from AVANT Research & Analytics, please visit https://goavant.net/news/.