We’re excited to announce that AVANT veteran Lily Weibel has been promoted to Director, Partner Relations and Marketing.  Lily has been with AVANT for over six years, playing a number of critical roles within our organization and is a consistent fixture among our partner community.  In her new role, Lily will focus on building awareness about AVANT within the partner and vendor community at large, and delivering more value to our existing partners through increased communication about AVANT tools, resources, vendors, events, and more.

This newly created role is a reflection of the investment AVANT is making in the partner channel as we continue to disrupt the status quo of the master agent and distributor business model.  When we look at the competitive landscape of the channel, we see that there are a number of compelling differences that AVANT has that enable us to better serve partners.  Lily will focus on developing and bringing a clear and concise message to the marketplace that emphasizes our unique value proposition to partners.

“Lily has been a key player in the success of AVANT since the beginning,” said Ian Kieninger, CEO.   “The minute we decided on the need to create this position to help bring AVANT’s brand to the next level, we knew Lily was the obvious choice.  Her passion for the channel, love of marketing, and established relationships within the partner community made this a no-brainer.”

Lily will be the face of AVANT’s communication plan, and her primary role will be to coordinate with our marketing, vendor, and PR teams, along with a strong focus on our partners. Her goal is to better understand the type of content and programs that will add the most value to the channel as we continue to establish AVANT as the premier distributor of next-generation IT technology.

“There’s no question that AVANT is the leader in the channel when it comes to partner enablement, thought leadership, and experience selling next-generation IT solutions.” said Lily.  “I view my new role as an opportunity to spread that message so partners can take advantage of the platform we’ve built to achieve higher levels of success in their business than they ever thought possible.”

Keep your eyes open for more from Lily and AVANT in the coming months, and feel free to reach out to Lily to be part of the conversation! Connect with Lily on social media here or email her at [email protected].