Happy Juneteenth Independence Day from AVANT!

On this day, 155 years ago, slavery was officially abolished, thus creating a holiday known as “Juneteenth.” June 19th is a celebration for many Americans for the end of slavery. It’s not just a celebration for freedom, but a reminder of the fight that many African-American ancestors had to suffer for many years. This freedom is celebrated the same way most Americans celebrate the 4th of July. In 1997, Congress recognized June 19th as Juneteenth Independence Day.

AVANT is thrilled to celebrate this incredible day as an official company holiday. And as we have recently stated, we believe that action is imperative. While we will be closed for business on June 19th, we have encouraged all of our employees to spend time giving back to our communities, raising awareness and continuing to address social injustice in their own ways.

If you would like to find ways to get involved with AVANT’s charities and community outreach, please contact our Charity Committee at [email protected].

Happy Juneteenth!