Announcing AVANT’s Employee Award Winners!

Congratulations to our AVANT Employee Award Winners!

At our Sales Kickoff last month, we were so excited to be able to announce to the company the winners of our AVANT Values and Hustle Awards, as well as our Employee of the Year. These AVANT awards are given to the team members who are game-changers, innovators, and disruptors in their roles. Check out the winners below!

AVANT Value Awards

Our values are a display of who we are as a company. They emphasize and encourage leading with passion and positivity, being intentional and authentic, staying committed and prepared, and constantly seeking out new ways to improve, both personally and professionally. The AVANT Values award winners clearly embody each and every one of our organization’s core beliefs. We as an organization are so proud to have them on our team.

Congratulations to our AVANT Value Award winners, including Monica Chudik, Carly Clayton, Jesse Garing, Brooke Kennedy, and John Paullin!

AVANT Hustle Awards

The phrase ‘going above and beyond’ is the best way to describe our AVANT Hustle award winners. The dedication to their roles and our organization never ceases to impress. These team members are an outstanding example of how we should all strive to keep hustling and driving forward.

Congrats to our long list of AVANT Hustle Award winners, which includes Brianna-Paige Alegbeleye, Sabrina Bateman, Ellie Bennett, Vanessa Bloom, Bob Bujanowicz, Joe Catanzaro, Monica Chudik, Brandon Ciancio, Carly Clayton, Logan DiCarlo, Lisa Dorr, Colton Fellows, Jesse Garing, Kayla Haar, Allison Hammond, Rachael Henderson, Chip Hoisington, Mimi Hoxha, Tony Ikpi, Jace Inman, Charmaine Jackson, Craig Jackson, Sam Keisling, Brooke Kennedy, Elisha Korbe, John Lopez, Nicole Milner, Tyhea Morris, Shannon Orr, John Paullin, Liam Princeton, Scott Sawyer, Jake Sheldon, Lisa Sohn, Kim Staro, Nikki Togami, JP Tucker, Brent Wilford, Peter Zachary, Elise Zhang, and Haley Zoller!

Employee of the Year

We would also like to extend a special congratulations to our Employee of the Year, Jess Ramos! The incredible impact Jess has had on her team and AVANT as a whole is difficult to put into words, but it’s safe to say, everyone at AVANT is all the better for the fact that we get to work alongside her every day.

Congrats once again to all of our AVANT award winners!