A Day in the Life: Partner Support – Pre-Sale Team

At AVANT, we use ‘Partner Support’ to describe the entire department that offers their experience and expertise to our Trusted Advisors and their customers. The truth is that Partner Support is an umbrella term to say the least! The team is made up of several skilled groups. Together, they focus on specific parts or stages of a Trusted Advisor’s opportunity, from pre-sale to customer support during the decision-making journey to post-sale activation and assistance – and quite a bit in between.

To ensure our Trusted Advisors can discover and access the full scope of support provided by our team, we’re highlighting different members in varied roles and at different stages of the opportunity! Read on to learn more about two of the roles a Trusted Advisor would encounter when they enlist the team on the presale stage of their deal and how they support our partners. 

How do you support AVANT Trusted Advisors in your day-to-day role?

elisha korbe Elisha Korbe is an Inside Channel Manager on the pre-sales team. She serves as a guide to the AVANT ecosystem for Trusted Advisors.

As an Inside Channel Manager, I work closely with my Channel Manager to help ensure our Trusted Advisors know of other organizational functions and departments within AVANT, like Engineering or Commissions. In addition to this, I help ensure Trusted Advisors have access to and are acquainted with our sales enablement tools that the larger AVANT team develops. 

In my day-to-day role, I manage the opportunity lifecycle from beginning to end. For the pre-sale stage of the opportunity, I work closely with the Pricing and Registration team. I consistently track pricing comparison requests and deal registration. This helps the Trusted Advisor efficiently guide their customers and provide a smooth decision-making process. I also focus on developing strong relationships with providers to assist further in that process and ensure I’m up to speed on the latest updates! But don’t just take it from me – here’s what a couple of our Trusted Advisors had to say:

“Elisha is our go to for AVANT support. She provides extremely efficient assistance and is always available with a friendly and knowledgeable approach. By far the best we’ve seen. – NCC Data

“She is a paramount reason why I heavily lean towards AVANT, regardless of all the choices available. Elisha is our daily ‘crutch’ for keeping all aspects of our business in check, along with ensuring we receive prompt and accurate details from all suppliers.” – AVANT Trusted Advisor


dalton navotny headshot Dalton Novotny is a Pricing Analyst on the pre-sales team. He offers support to AVANT partners submitting proposal requests for their customers.

In my role, I am responsible for creating opportunities and pricing them out with the selected providers. Once that initial request is sent out, I continue to support our Trusted Advisors in additional ways. I follow up with providers until we have pricing returned so I can create a finalized pricing comparison breakdown, or until a deal registration is officially approved. Every day in my role, I place a massive importance on being responsive. I pride myself in my ability to both quickly and efficiently fulfill partner requests to the best of my ability. 

I’m also fortunate to be able to get to know several of our Trusted Advisors on a personal level, as a Pricing Analyst local to our HQ2 in Dallas. Being able to meet and connect with so many of our Trusted Advisors while at the office or events has created an incredible synergy with partners and allowed me to understand their unique businesses even more.

The pre-sale stage of an opportunity is all about setting the Trusted Advisor and their customers up for success! Our Partner Support team members understand this more than anyone. That is why they consistently approach their roles with efficiency, experience, and attention to detail. Plus, their in-depth knowledge of AVANT’s arsenal of tools means they can always connect Trusted Advisors with the best resources to carry their opportunities through to a closed sale and beyond. 

If you haven’t already experienced our Partner Support team’s impact on your opportunities, now is the time! You can connect with our team here. Plus, reach out to your Channel Manager and Support Team to discover how they can assist you in your deals.