Joining Forces to Analyze the CSI Report Findings

 | Jul 19, 2023
 | 34 min.
AVANT Analytics Security

In this episode, Stephen Semmelroth, Senior Analyst of AVANT Analytics, is joined by Theresa Lanowitz, Head of Evangelism at AT&T Cybersecurity, to discuss the AT&T Cybsecurity Insights Report for 2023! This is a phenomenal report that will change the way you do business. Together, Stephen and Theresa dive into the report, exploring budget planning strategies for tech-service organizations and answering the question: should you be an optimist in this space or not?

Find out the answer, and much more, in our latest podcast episode!


Stephen Semmelroth

Sr Director of Security Engineering, AVANT


Theresa Lanowitz

Head of Evangelism and Portfolio Marketing, AT&T Cybersecurity