The Light at the End of the Cybersecurity Tunnel

 | Jan 18, 2023
 | 28 min.
AVANT Analytics Security

In this podcast, AVANT President and co-founder Drew Lydecker is joined by Tony Lauro, Director of Security Technology and Strategy at Akamai. They’re focusing on educating, entertaining, and sparking thoughtful conversation all around cybersecurity with Akamai, one of its biggest players. They explore what keeps CIOs up at night – and what Akamai is doing to help them sleep better. Plus, they explain how beneficial utilizing the technologies Akamai builds is for leadership visibility. How can you prepare for and understand the world we’re living in today, through a cybersecurity lens? Is there any light at the end of that tunnel? Drew and Tony answer all of this and more in our latest episode of AVANT Technology Insights!


Drew Lydecker

President and Co-Founder, AVANT


Tony Lauro

Director of Security Technology & Strategy, Akamai