Win, Place & Show: UCaaS Edition

AVANT Research & Analytics’ 6-12 Report on Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) has been getting tons of attention over the past month. If you haven’t yet gotten your free copy, we’ve got an addition to your summer reading list that is going to boost your understanding of UCaaS and your ability to leverage this fine communications technology without ponying up the dollars it would take to get this caliber of market research data from any other source.

Just visit out website at www.goavant.net/ucaas-report  and get your free copy. But just to give you a little taste of what’s waiting for you on the other side, we’d like to offer our next edition of our ongoing series known as, “Win Place & Show!”

Anyone who’s ever been to a racetrack knows exactly what I’m talking about. We’ve got three important considerations for UCaaS decisions charging hard down the stretch to give you the Top Three answers in each category.

We’ve now blown through the finish line. The jockeys are standing in their stirrups, and here’s what we’ve got!

There’s nothing like an impending change to force people to take a hard look at doing something differently. In this case, the end of warranty for the old legacy PBX takes the win as the Number One reason (21%) that companies look at a possible UCaaS decision. An upcoming sunset of a legacy UCaaS contract comes in second at 14%, with growing pains of the current solution right on its heels in third place.

Round Two takes a three-year sweep starting last year, through 2020, and continuing into next year. Which vertical markets are on track to post the highest growth? Healthcare takes the win at 40% of our survey respondents, followed immediately by Business Services, and then comes Retail/eCommerce for the show.

Next, we look at where the survey respondents are currently set within the evaluation process. As you can see, 56% are still learning about UCaaS, meaning that enterprise decision-makers who have not yet made their move are not necessarily behind the 8-ball (sorry for the mixed metaphor), but they should consider looking into these options sooner rather than later.

For more details on how UCaaS can fit into your communication strategy, please consult your Trusted Advisor.