June Sales Engineering Braintrust

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Check out our latest Sales Engineering Braintrust, which includes:

  • Win Wire: Dive into a $18K MRR deal, demonstrating the value of AVANT’s tools and experts to quickly and efficiently close a deal
  • Engineering Spotlight: Meet Amanda Bean, Sales Engineer focused on UCaaS & CCaaS
  • Trusted Advisor Testimonials: Learn how your peers utilize AVANT Engineers to enhance customer engagement and close more deals
  • AVANT Updates: Introducing our Technology Enablement team! Learn more about this organizational update, in which we are combining our Sales Engineering and Vendor Management teams into one department
  • New Tools & Resources
    • Pathfinder Update: We’ve just launched an updated Backup and Disaster Recovery Matrix, detailing competitive offerings for both BaaS (data protection) and DRaaS (IT environment replication)
    • Technology Insights Podcast: In this episode – VMware: Is the Sky Falling? – we share more details about the latest VMware pricing updates and explain what stage we are in this situation
    • AVANT Analytics: During our State of Disruption BattleBriefing, we recap some of the key findings and biggest surprises our experts found throughout the report, as well as the best strategies for using it with your clients

Win Wire with Sarah Arnstein

The Breakdown

  • Technology Category: CCaaS
  • Customer Type: Credit Union
  • Industry: Finance
  • Size and Scope: 100 CCaaS agents
  • MRR: $18K
  • Winning provider: Talkdesk
  • Competitors: Genesys, NICE CXone, Five9

The Details

What were the drivers for the client?
The client had an on-prem Genesys platform that was being sunsetted, so they were considering moving to the cloud with CCaaS. Most important to them was the integration with Jack Henry, self-service capabilities for their members that included member validation, and integration with Microsoft Teams.

How did the Trusted Advisor close the deal?
The Trusted Advisor had a good relationship with their client from the beginning. They were able to conduct rounds of discovery to help narrow down providers, a method the customer preferred over getting on a call. From there, they were able to work with AVANT to gather and recommend platforms that could handle the more advanced requests included in the opportunity.

How did AVANT support the win?
The Trusted Advisor leveraged an AVANT Pathfinder IQA, which relayed helpful initial information. The AVANT Engineer on the opportunity, Sarah Arnstein, digested this information and then asked a few rounds of follow up questions. This allowed the full team to easily get additional answers from the customer. Based on their responses, Sarah made provider recommendations and then the AVANT Channel Team, including the Partner Support Manager and Channel Manager, played a key role in engaging the providers and preparing them to connect with the customer.

Engineering Spotlight

This month, we’re spotlighting Amanda Bean, Sales Engineer focused on UCaaS and CCaaS.

Amanda began working in the contact center during graduate school. She has built an entire career helping major companies like AdaptHealth, Journeys, Lids, Converse, and many others build and shape their customer experience and communication landscape. She led the entire evolution of their technology from concept to execution. In her previous experience, Amanda was responsible for developing and supporting the employee experience and the customer journey at these organizations. From small offices to major contact center operations, she has worked hand in hand with business leaders to help them leverage technology that addresses organizational challenges, improves operations, streamlines processes, and generates ROI with every investment.

Here’s a bit more about Amanda, in her own words!

  • Where are you located? Virginia Beach, VA
  • What sport would you compete in if you were in the Olympics?I would have played softball if I were in the Olympics. I actually had the opportunity to play against the USA Olympic Softball Team as part of their competition to help them prepare for the Olympics. I would have loved to have been on their team instead of playing against them!
  • What is an interesting fact or hobby you have?One of my hobbies is writing, especially poetry. I love capturing a message and bringing it together in a creative way. I feel it can evoke emotion within its concept and that’s powerful to me.

You can connect with Amanda on LinkedIn here!

Trusted Advisor Testimonials

What are your peers saying about the powerful impact of AVANT SEs on their opportunities, including our featured SE, Amanda Bean?

“Amanda is an amazing Engineer for AVANT. She is always present, transparent, knowledgeable, and friendly on calls. She is a rockstar in my book!” – Jennifer Ricci, Strategic Account & Channel Manager – SupraNet Communications

“Response from IQA was very thought out and detailed. It was also done in a timely manner with several options for me to discuss.” – Tom Keresztury, Account Executive – SenderoCloud

“The AVANT engineers are our subject matter experts. We communicate this as a strength when talking with clients. We involve the AVANT engineers as much as possible in the client interaction process, which gives us insight and adds value to the client process.” – Anthony Moreno, CEO – MC Austin

New Tools & Resources

  • Updated Backup & Disaster Recovery Matrix – The updated Backup and Disaster Recovery Matrix on Pathfinder* details competitive offerings for both BaaS (data protection) and DRaaS (IT environment replication). Trusted Advisors can use it to identify the best solution to secure their customer’s environments.
  • VMware: Is the Sky Falling? – In this podcast episode, we delve into the evolving Broadcom and VMware situation. Listen in as Niko O’Hara, Senior Analyst of AVANT Analytics, and Tony Scribner, CISO & Field CTO of Ntirety, answer important questions regarding the latest VMware updates. Is the situation as dire as it’s made out to be? Have we weathered the worst of the uncertainty storm? Tune in to find out as we help listeners navigate this journey!
  • State of Disruption BattleBriefing – The recording of our Disruption BattleBriefing is now available! Watch the webinar to dive back into our 2024 Disruption Report and access actionable strategies for using this report to educate, guide, and enlighten your customers.

AVANT Updates

  • Meet our Technology Enablement team, the new department that will now bring together the expertise, guidance, and experience of our Sales Engineers and Vendor Engagement Managers! How will this update impact your business?
    • Accelerated opportunity creation
    • An aligned and strategic approach to customer engagement
    • Real-time feedback to inform vendor roadmaps and partner training

*Log into Pathfinder 2.0 using your company’s custom URL to check out these new resources. Head to lookup.gopathfinder.net to have your URL sent straight to your inbox.