Hyperscale Your Income: You Can Make Money Selling Public Cloud Services

We are about to let you in on a little secret that will “hyperscale” your residual income.

As you know, the demand for public cloud services is surging. According to Gartner, the market is on track to grow to $204 billion in 2016—a year-over-year increase of 16.5 percent. Gartner expects the market to continue growing through 2017.

As a result of this market growth, data storage and high-quality performance are in demand. Many of your customers are seeking out the services of hyperscale data center providers (“hyperscalers”) like Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Azure. They are drawn to these hosted providers under assumptions that their services are more cost-effective and provide a smoother outsourcing experience.

However, organizations often rush into partnerships with hyperscalers without fully understanding the challenges they will face after they sign a service-level agreement. The businesses that tend to have the most success with their service providers are very large enterprises that are fully staffed with skilled engineers trained in hyperscale cloud management.

Small- to medium-sized businesses, however, often have fewer resources at their disposal. As such, these organizations tend to struggle with operational challenges like moving workloads in and out of the cloud, maintaining visibility over their data, and maximizing their own hybrid infrastructure. What often winds up happening is that they lose visibility into and control over their cloud ecosystems. Then, they lose track of their monthly spending.

Out of these challenges, the need for hyperscale cloud managed service providers (MSPs) was born. MSPs streamline the management of cloud services, allowing for all of the benefits of the cloud without the hassles.

Companies like Rackspace and TierPoint, for instance, live “on top” of the hybrid cloud. They offer direct access to leading hyperscalers offered by companies such as Google, Azure and AWS, but they remove many of the pain points that come with managing them.  The result is much greater flexibility for businesses, and greater cost savings. Using a hybrid cloud MSP, it’s possible to set cloud usage limits for different departments within the enterprise, and strategically move data as it’s needed on a daily basis.

This market is exploding in popularity as more and more businesses catch on to the benefits of working with a hyperscale cloud MSP. As an AVANT partner, you stand to make a fortune as the market continues to grow.
Your job is to go forth and spread the message about hyperscale cloud MSPs, letting your customers know how they can simplify cloud operations. AVANT’s robust portfolio of providers can deliver the services your customers need to thrive in the cloud. By working with AVANT, you can sell next-generation IT solutions and grow your business.

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