Channel Sales Enablement Will Never Be the Same

Hold onto your hats: AVANT is about to disrupt the channel sales enablement industry in a major way and Salesforce invited us to talk about it tomorrow at Dreamforce!

This week, the team is heading to Salesforce Dreamforce 2016 (San Francisco (Oct. 4-7) to showcase our SEaaS platform, with Drew Lydecker, President and Ian Kieninger, CEO, sharing the coveted spot in the Dreamforce speakers lineup.

The leading sales enablement as a service provider (SEaaS) is getting ready to bring a groundbreaking new platform to market that will drastically change the way partners and agents sell IT solutions to companies.

So, what makes this new SEaaS platform so unique?
The platform—which is currently moving out of its beta phase – is an industry first in that it’s built on Salesforce Communities, but uses AVANT’s intellectual property.

“We chose Saleseforce because we wanted to interact with our clients in a way that nobody else has been able to,” stated AVANT President Drew Lydecker. “We built a product that looks and feels like the solution we use every day, but which utilizes the amazing power of Salesforce.”

AVANT’s SEaaS platform is comprised of four major components:

  • BattleApp: An application – built for cloud, connectivity and colocation – that helps guide the seller along every stage of the buying process from learning to closing.
  • R&D: This feature provides AVANT with data for sales qualification and portfolio selection.
  • BattlePlan: A lifecycle sales planning enablement solution, BattlePlan provides sellers with a lifecycle channel development tool as well as enablement plans and sales channel assessments.
  • BattleLab: A state of the art sales immersion and enablement center based in Chicago.

And because this is build on Salesforce Communities, we’re able to leverage the platform to collect big data analytics which will enable us to identify and even anticipate industry trends and changes, similarly to IDC and Forrester, but with our own empirical data and unique context, allowing us to always be at the forefront of the industry.

In a nutshell, the branded, customizable platform will make it easier to close more cloud, connectivity and colocation deals. It will allow AVANT to integrate directly with agents in the field. Plus, it will enable AVANT to track WIN ratios and other important metrics.

To spearhead the project, AVANT hired former Google Product Manager JP Tucker. Tucker, along with Chief Cloud Officer (CCO) Ron Hayman, helped lead the application through the development process.

Both Tucker and Hayman will be present with Lydecker when he takes the stage at Dreamforce. The AVANT team will take part in a presentation titled “Grow Your Small Business with Salesforce Communities,” on Tuesday, Oct. 4.

The fact that AVANT will be present at Dreamforce cements the company as an innovative leader of sales enablement technology. By creating a SEaaS platform that is completely integrated with Salesforce Communities, AVANT has accomplished with no other company has been able to do.

“It’s a big deal,” explained Lydecker. “Its’ an incredible honor for us to be on hand at this upcoming event. And we can’t wait for our sellers to start using this amazing new application.”