CCaaS Resource Toolkit: Tap into the Growing Market

In today’s fast-paced and customer-centric landscape, more and more businesses are focusing on uncovering solutions that allow them to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Hand in hand with this goal are Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) technologies. 

The results confirm that the market for CCaaS is still growing. According to Gartner, worldwide IT spending is projected to increase 5.1% from 2022. They also forecasted 2.4% growth from 2022 specifically in the communications services category. Industry observers also expect to see additional opportunity growth in 2023 as a wave of Cisco maintenance contracts come up for renewal.

As the demand for these solutions soars, AVANT is here to help Trusted Advisors harness the immense selling potential with CCaaS and improve your ability to skillfully guide your customers to the technologies and features that best suit their organizational goals. As an AVANT Trusted Advisor, you have access to resources, training, and sales tools that will allow you to build a strong foundational knowledge of contact center technologies, better understand key providers, learn helpful tips and proven strategies for selling CCaaS to clients, and much more. Check out a breakdown of these CCaaS resources now in our CC toolkit! Here’s what you can expect:

Customer-facing Resources:

  • CCaaS 6-12 Report
  • Technology Insights Podcast 
  • CCaaS e-Book
  • CCaaS Dynamic Matrix

Enhanced Expertise and Training:

  • BattleBriefing: CCaaS 6-12 Report
  • Trusted Advisor Trainings and Certification 
  • In-person 201-and 301-level training events

Establish Your Expertise with Clients

Developing a foundational understanding of CCaaS solutions is a great start for enhancing your knowledge. However, it’s just as important to understand how this resource can also support you in a customer-facing capacity. Make sure both yours AND your customers’ CC knowledge is fully up to speed with our CCaaS 6-12 Report! This covers the latest trends and most important insights IT decision-makers need to know to keep up with CCaaS technologies for the next six to 12 months.

Guide Your Customers Through the CC Buying Journey

While you may be a CCaaS expert, your customers might be less experienced with the CC decision-making journey. Further establish your brand as a knowledgeable CC guide and help them better understand the process by sharing our customer-facing podcast episode that accompanies the CCaaS 6-12 Report from the client’s point of view! Help them understand what these market shifts and data trends mean and how they can impact their IT stack and business as a whole. You can also check out our full library of CC podcast episodes here!

Connect Customers KPIs to Solutions

At the end of the day, the goal for your customer’s CCaaS buying journey is to select the solution that allows them to hit the specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that demonstrate their business is operating productively and efficiently. To give you better insight into the typical KPIs you’ll likely encounter as a CCaaS seller, download our free e-book now – and don’t forget to share it with your customers, as this is also customer-facing! Together, you can use this e-book to pinpoint the goals and features their business needs and quickly find the right solution.

Compare Providers

Once your customers have narrowed down the technologies or features they want and the criteria that must be met, it’s time to show off our CCaaS Dynamic Matrix! Using this tool on Pathfinder, you can instantly compare providers by price, location, integration options, compliance capabilities, and more. Log in to Pathfinder* and choose Dynamic Matrices on the Home Page to get started. 

Learn the Fundamentals and Stay Up to Speed

You can also log in to Pathfinder* and check out our Trusted Advisor Academy, which contains several CCaaS training courses and short modules – these are great for partners at any level! Begin by getting your CCaaS certification here, then dive into our CCaaS Quick Hits. These are short, impactful trainings focused on specific CCaaS components like key CC verticals, integrations, and 201-level training. Next, watch our BattleBriefing on the CCaaS 6-12 Report to hear AVANT President Drew Lydecker and CC experts Brent Wilford and John Paullin share their perspective on the evolving CCaaS landscape. Plus, they share their best tips for positioning the report with clients! This allows you to use it as a unique sales tool and resource during discovery calls, pitches, and more. 

Further Enhance Your Knowledge

As a CC seller, you know better than anyone that your training is never complete. Combine your expertise with leveled-up training and a comprehensive sales strategy to become the ultimate seller and find bigger and better opportunities with AVANT! Join us at an upcoming regional event or one of our CC-focused Elevate events in San Francisco, Philadelphia, or Columbus, where we’re offering 301-level training to our technical-focused or mature Trusted Advisor partners. These events are some of the best ways to expose yourself to proven selling strategies and perfect your own, as well as learn from our own CC and sales experts.

The ever-growing demand for CCaaS presents an excellent opportunity for Trusted Advisors to thrive in today’s competitive market. Leverage our comprehensive toolkit, with resources designed for both Trusted Advisors and customers, and equip yourself with the right knowledge and strategies to unlock new opportunities that will help you win more with AVANT. Plus, don’t forget to reach out to our own experts! AVANT Sales Engineers are a great resource to help lead technological conversations with prospects and create an agnostic review of potential providers. If you think your opportunity could benefit from the help of an AVANT SE, fill out an Interactive Quick Assessment today to get started.

*If you don’t have a Pathfinder login, fill out this quick form to check it out and gain access.