AVANT Recognizes Our Latest Vendor Hustlers

At AVANT, hustling hard to drive innovation and inspire growth is a massive part of our organization. Furthermore, this is a quality that we look for in all of our partnerships, including those with the elite solution providers in our portfolio. When we find those unique individuals who go above and beyond, we are so proud and excited to recognize them as Vendor Hustlers!

With that said, please join us as we celebrate our latest winners we recognized, as well as a short note from the AVANT Team Members who nominated them.

Congratulations to all of our Hustlers from Q4 of 2023, including:

  • Stacy Mannik of Zoom, nominated by Ali York. Ali noted, “Stacy Mannik is my Zoom CM in SoCal and truly one of the best! She’s so helpful, so responsive, and sends us copies of signed agreements versus making us wait for the closed/won report. I’ve worked with a lot of CMs and she is a dream!
  • Jyoti Sachev of Zoom, nominated by Tobey Harbour. In Tobey’s nomination, she said, “Jyoti is tasked with such a complicated and important role – Zoom Commissions! Yet, she takes time out of her very busy schedule to have a regular call with us each month to discuss escalations and issues that are dragging out or that need to be addressed at a more detailed level. Jyoti, thank you for taking the time to help us. It is so very much appreciated!”
  • John Spivey of Expedient, nominated by Doug McWilliams. Doug explained, “John is an all-around great guy and easy to work with. He is next level and a huge AVANT advocate!”

Congratulations as well to our Hustlers from Q1 of 2024! The list includes:

  • Vincent Contaldi of UPN, nominated by Rachael Henderson. Rachael remarked, “Vinnie is consistently in a great mood and ready to dig in on new strategies and ideas for partner production. TX loves Vinnie!”
  • Andrew Childs of Comcast, nominated by Tobey Harbour. In her nomination, Tobey wrote, “Andrew is so patient and so helpful with us with all our questions and escalations. He takes the time to meet with us regularly, chats with us on Teams, and really helps us out a lot.”
  • Melissa Maggard of Centersquare, nominated by Maly Gomez. Maly said, “Ever since the acquisition, she has been 1000% all in with AVANT and ensuring Evoque-Cyxtera provides communication and all things we need to ensure the acquisition goes smoothly. She’s super responsive and always jumps in to help our internal teams no matter what the problem is.”
  • Brian Hiner of Rackspace, also nominated by Maly Gomez. In the nomination, Maly noted, “Brian is a hustler in the field! He’s always figuring out ways to bring our exec alignment together and bringing them closer to continue to have a great partnership.”
  • Holly Hunt of Comcast, nominated by Belinda Leonardi. Belinda noted, “Since coming on to support AVANT in August/September of 2023, Holly has truly taken the reins and jumped right in. Her ability to be flexible and readily available has been noticed across the AVANT Channel Team. She has been incredibly responsive and has truly become an advocate for AVANT over at Comcast. You can call, email, or text her any time and she is always quick to respond. If she doesn’t have an answer she will go and find it!”
  • Shandra Lawrence of Comcast, nominated by Chevon Martin. Chevon wrote, “Shandra joining us as our NPAM has truly transformed my experience. Her expertise, responsiveness, and ability to address our concerns and inquiries in real-time have been invaluable. Regardless of the scale of the issue, she consistently makes me and my team feel valued, demonstrating her genuine dedication to AVANT’s best interests. I’m eagerly looking forward to further collaboration with Comcast in 2024 with Shandra’s continued support. Her presence has made a significant impact on our day-to-day operations, and I’ve heard similar sentiments echoed across various departments. Shandra, thank you immensely for your unwavering dedication to AVANT. I appreciate her so very much!”
  • Renee Martin of Windstream, nominated by Tobey Harbour. Tobey explained, “Renee is such a treasure to have on our side when we need an escalation. She is always helping to make us look good and we appreciate all of her efforts every month. Thank you, Renee!!” A few key points on why we appreciate her so very much:
    • She is always very quick to respond when we need her to audit a large spreadsheet from one of our TAs that has been having ongoing monthly issues with the supplier
    • She is always polite and professional with her responses when asked to complete this task for us
    • She ensures that corrections needing to be completed on the supplier’s end are corrected for the next run so our TA is not waiting on comp

Our Vendor Hustlers continue to impress and energize us here at AVANT! Their dedication to their roles and our partnership is so valued. We consider ourselves a lucky organization to get to work with them each day. A huge thank you and congratulations to all who were recognized in Q4 of 2023 and Q1 of 2024 as Vendor Hustlers!