AVANT Pathfinder Launches New Feature – Learning Hub!

AVANT’s NEW Learning Hub is LIVE in Pathfinder! To continue powering Trusted Advisors forward, the AVANT Pathfinder team created the Learning Hub, a central location for hundreds of hours of training content. Our continuously updated training resources will help you enhance your understanding of the technologies in AVANT’s portfolio. Our courses will help you stand out among the competition.

New sections in Learning Hub officially launching today include:

  • Special Forces Summit 2020 Recordings
  • Cloud Academy Solution Training
  • Registration for upcoming Pathfinder Spotlight webinars
  • Spotlight & BattleBriefing recordings
  • Registration for other upcoming AVANT Events

We encourage you to check out the Special Forces Summit 2020 Recordings since Special Forces Summit is AVANT’s annual, multi-day, global training event. It is the ultimate Trusted Advisor leadership experience, complete with notable keynote speakers, engineer-led technical training sessions, go-to-market workshops, an exhibit hall, and networking opportunities with other Trusted Advisors from around the globe.

Click HERE to request a demo today to get access to the Pathfinder or talk to your AVANT Channel Manager to learn more about the new features!