The AVANT Partner Experience: 5 Steps to Better Enable Trusted Advisors

AVANT Partner Support

For Trusted Advisors helping their customers navigate the intricate landscape of technology and decision-making, a reliable and knowledgeable support team can be a game-changer. This is what makes the AVANT Partner Support team a Trusted Advisor’s secret weapon. They create a best-in-class partner experience that sets advisors apart in the channel. The Partner Support team is comprised of experts who are responsive, focused on the details, and well-versed in their field. They are an invaluable resource throughout the sales and implementation process. Managing a staggering 30,000+ opportunities annually and delivering 2,500+ projects in the past year, this team is here to help Trusted Advisors succeed.  

In this post, we will explore the five pivotal steps for how you can access the Partner Support teams insights and guidance! With this knowledge, you can make the most of the extraordinary resources throughout the entire deal cycle. 

AVANT Partner Support: 5 Steps of Trusted Advisor Enablement

AVANT Partner Support

Step 1: Pricing

Partner Success Managers (PSMs) are experts as it relates to process, tools & resources, and they often help nurture opportunities to get them to the first step of the deal cycle. Before an opportunity goes to pricing or registration, in collaboration with the TA’s dedicated Channel Manager, PSMs will introduce various organizational functions of AVANT and connect you with enablement tools with your unique business in mind. Think of them as a guide to the AVANT ecosystem.  

Once the pricing request submission does take place and based on the type of case, our Pricing and/or Provider Specialist team may support the deal. The Pricing team quotes agnostically across all providers, compiling deliverables for the TA. Provider Specialists are tenured experts for the largest carriers, including AT&T, ACC, Comcast, Lumen, Spectrum, and Verizon. Teams work in tandem throughout various phases of the cycle to keep communication consistent and make sure nothing gets left behind or overlooked. During pricing, a dedicated support team works to generate prompt quotes, follow up with providers, and finalize price comparisons. This creates a smooth decision-making process for the customer. 

Step 2: Contract

Once the customer reaches a decision, the Trusted Advisor’s opportunity progresses to contract generation. In this phase, TAs send contract requests to AVANT PSMs or Provider Specialists, depending on the winning provider of the opportunity. The PSM or Provider Specialist has likely already been pulled in to work on the deal in some capacity during the pricing stage. Therefore, they know it well and can review the contract for accuracy, spot potential issues, and resolve them with ease. 

Step 3: Order Entry

Picking up right where contract generation left off, the order is entered with another careful review of the contract by a Provider Specialist or PSM. Thanks to their deep understanding of our provider portfolio and solutions, they can dive into the order and confirm alignment with the customer’s business goals. They’ll also share insights on the provider buying experience and implementation to set expectations for the TA and their customer. This extra step of support guarantees order accuracy and customer satisfaction. And now, it’s onto post-sales! 

Step 4: Project Coordination

The Project Coordinator and Order Tracking Team now take charge of the project. During this phase, they keep stakeholders updated on progress up until implementation. The coordinator and team focus on order milestones, following the customer’s timeline to hit deadlines. They also escalate projects to keep things moving swiftly and efficiently. At the same time, they are gathering the documents needed from the TA to create a seamless transition from implementation to commissions – our last step!  

Step 5: Commissions

This step is quick and simple, as commissions should be! Project details pass to the Commissions team for implementation, execution, and dispute submissions. The Trusted Advisors has closed their deal. Now, they can start once again from the beginning, leveraging Partner Support for their next opportunity! 

Tap into the power of AVANT Partner Support.

The AVANT Partner Support team can make the difference in getting your deals closed with efficiency and satisfaction. They provide dedicated regional support on the pre-sales side and maintain a same-day Service Level Agreement (SLA) for registration submissions. The team’s impressive 95 Net Promoter Score reflects this dedication. And to ensure consistent support, the team has expanded and grown two-fold. This enables them to refine their processes, create ordered transitions from step to step, and provide comprehensive coverage for each Trusted Advisor. With the AVANT Partner Support team by their side, Trusted Advisors can help customers navigate the complex technology landscape with ease and confidence.