AVANT Optimizes Pathfinder for EMEA

In response to AVANT’s business expansion to the EMEA region in 2020, Pathfinder launches a dedicated EMEA version, empowering Trusted Advisors worldwide.

Over the last decade, AVANT has significantly grown its portfolio of providers and Trusted Advisors. The company is now positioned as the global leader in distributing next-generation technologies. AVANT has established a model for others in the agent community to follow when expanding their portfolios and widening their reach.

As part of AVANT’s global strategy, Jennifer Gallego, AVANT’s Executive Vice President of Global Sales, plans to continue investing in promising global partners. The optimization of the Pathfinder for EMEA is one of the examples of this investment from Gallego and her team.

Current AVANT EMEA partners will seamlessly access and experience Pathfinder with:

  • Dedicated EMEA providers and support teams
  • The latest international and submarine networks
  • Currency exchange support
  • And more!

The optimized Pathfinder for EMEA will also allow Trusted Advisors to focus on their dedicated regions and narrow down the market even easier than before!

Login now to see the optimized Pathfinder for EMEA. If you do not have an account, talk to your AVANT Channel Manager today to get access to Pathfinder, the platform for IT decision-making!