AVANT Launches New “State of Disruption Report”

We’re pleased to announce that AVANT has released its new “State of Disruption Report, a
market research report, provided free-of-charge, that measures the rate at which new
technologies are displacing older ones. Our fundamental objective was to take a close look at
the rate of change across industries and various company sizes as a means of helping
enterprise decision makers assess where their companies stand with respect to technology
choices and rates of transition.

As part of this market research initiative, we surveyed 500 US-based enterprise technology
decision-makers at either the C-suite or management/VP level in IT, security, or finance.
Qualified respondents were involved in the selection and/or implementation of new voice/data
networks, compute infrastructure, or related products and services. We also made sure to get
statistically significant subsets from key verticals, such as Manufacturing, Financial Services,
Healthcare/Medical, e-Commerce, and Consulting/Business Services. Various revenue bands
are also represented.

The net result examines the growth in the use of tech technologies, typically at the expense of
older ones, as seen by the decision-makers within the respective companies. Featured
technologies and trends include Digital Transformation, SD-WAN, MPLS, UCaaS, CCaaS,
security, and IaaS, as well as related matters such as the adoption of colocation, cloud-based
applications, self-perception of relative technology leadership, and the participation of Trusted
Advisors in the technology decision, installation, management, and support processes.
The combined data, especially when viewed in conjunction with AVANT’s 6-12 Reports
(currently providing data and information on UCaaS, security, and SD-WAN), provides a highly
useful tool in the examination of investment, focus, interest, and general uptake.

Key findings in AVANT’s latest State of Disruption Report include the following:

  • SD-WAN and MPLS both remain in significant growth mode, with more than half of the
    respondents expanding both technologies.
  • Customer interest in UCaaS surged 86% at the outset of the Coronavirus, when
    companies felt the immediate need to shift to a work-from-home environment.
  • When companies decline UCaaS, network performance is the most common issue.
  • CCaaS adoption is experiencing strong acceleration, driven partly by the work-from-
    home phenomenon, as well as advances in Artificial Intelligence as a means of lifting
    customer satisfaction scores.
  • Roughly 70% of the respondents fear that a security breach within their companies could
    result in the termination of their employment.
  • Trusted Advisors gain importance as decisions and integration become more complex.
    Nearly two-thirds of the respondents work with Trusted Advisors, and those who do not
    work with Trusted Advisors tend to be more likely to consider their companies to be
    technology laggards.

To get your free copy of the AVANT State of Disruption Report for 2021, please visit ta.goavant.net/report