Announcing a BIG BattleApp Update

I’ve quite literally never been more excited to announce a software update, and having come from Google I can say I’ve seen a lot of updates!  For those of you that visited us at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, you know what we’ve been working on, and how excited we were to be demoing the newest set of BattleApp features.  Release Day has finally arrived, and I get to share with you the three most powerful new weapons in the BattleApp arsenal.

Branded Sales Collateral…BattleView… and Commissions.  An incredible lineup of new capabilities, enabling your team at every stage of the sales process.  In fact, I’m cutting this intro short just so you can go check it out sooner!

And if you like what you see here… just wait until you see what’s next… But for now, here are the updates that I’m so excited about.

Branded Sales Collateral: Our Research, Your Brand

For users with branded access to the BattleApp, we’re extending the branded experience to include all of our thousands of pieces of client-facing sales collateral!  That’s right: our industry-leading matrices now look like they were created by your own marketing department.  Case studies include the personal touch of a branded footer page with your business card details.  And every document relevant to your opportunity is easily uncovered through the power of Intelligent Search.

Don’t have branded access today?  Not to worry!  Reach out to your AVANT Channel Manager for details on how to upgrade your BattleApp to the fully immersive partner branded version.  Our intellectual property is the most powerful gift we can give to you – leverage it to its full potential through the branded BattleApp, now including branded sales collateral!

BattleView: Your Window into AVANT

Because the BattleApp is built on Salesforce, we’re giving you a window to see what we see.  BattleView allows you to track and update your opportunities, or view and comment on your engineering and pricing requests as the team completes them.  Led by a collection of reporting and search tools to make sense of it all, and with data fully downloadable for import into your own CRM, you might never need to ask us for an update again (but we still hope you’ll call to say hey!).

Commission: Complete!

Being paid commissions is the best!  But a close second is visualizing commission data through the BattleApp’s most anticipated new feature.  Commissions are not available to everyone: BattleApp Managers only are now able to see your org’s six month commission history, search individual transactions, and download the data for a more detailed analysis.

But commission data becomes even more powerful when it is actionable.  Our variance analysis tool identifies accounts with major variance in commission payments from one month to the next, allowing you to proactively identify opportunities and issues with your billing customers.  Commission inquiries can also be opened directly from the tool for an incredibly seamless back office experience.