AVANT’s focus on channel sales enablement drives company success. 

Chicago, Illinois—March 6, 2018  AVANT Communications, the leader in channel sales enablement for next-generation IT solutions, today announced completion of its first company NPS® survey. AVANT surveyed its customers — leading VARs, MSPs and Agencies located in the US, UK and Canada — receiving an NPS score of 84.

“Our focus on empowering people to be the best sellers they can be is working,” said Ian Kieninger, chief executive officer, AVANT.  “But you know you are making an impact when you get feedback like this.” Kieninger attributes this NPS score to the company’s strategies of:

  • Building innovative sales resources, including the BattleApp and the BattleLab
  • Delivering effective sales training, like BattleBriefings and Special Forces
  • Hiring the best sales engineers and channel managers

NPS measures a customer’s willingness to recommend a company and gauges customer satisfaction and loyalty.  According to an article in Inc. magazine, an NPS score above 0 is considered good, above 50 is excellent, and above 70 is world-class. The NPS score is also viewed as a key indicator of revenue growth potential.

AVANT’s survey participants further rated the firm on a number of satisfaction-related dimensions, using a 0-to-10 point scale — where 0 represented “strongly disagree” and 10 represented “strongly agree.”  The company received an average score of 9 out of 10 for all of the following specific assessment statements:

  • AVANT Helps Me Enable My Sales
  • AVANT Has Strong Industry Knowledge
  • AVANT Provides Great Training
  • AVANT Provides Great Pricing Analysts
  • AVANT Provides Great Sales Tools
  • AVANT has a Great Catalog of Service Providers

“We are simply blown away by this very first NPS score,” said Drew Lydecker, AVANT president and co-founder. “We are relentless in measuring everything we do in an effort to continuously improve, and this encourages us to work even harder and do more.”

Other survey comments included:

  • Brilliant Sales Enablement
  • The best team of SE’s out there
  • Sales Focused, Accessible, Friends
  • Disruptive, Unrivaled, Savvy, Winner, Professional
  • Extension of my Sales Team
  • Ahead of the game
  • Innovative. Polished.
  • Superior tools & support with industry knowledge
  • AVANT resources are simply invaluable to my job from the knowledge to the tools to the follow up

To join AVANT go to: www.GoAVANT.net/become-a-partner

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AVANT is a channel sales enablement company and the nation’s premiere distributor for next generation technologies. AVANT adds unique value with its focus and expertise in channel sales assistance, sales training, sales guidance, and sales tools to fuel IT services business growth. From complex cloud designs to global wide-area network deployments, AVANT sets the industry standard in enabling its partners and clients to make more intelligent decisions about services, technology and cost-effective communications. For more information, visit https://goavant.net/about.  Follow us on Linkedin and Twitter.

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