What Is Happening with VMware? Understanding Customer Impact and Opportunity


VMware is dramatically changing its program structure, which has a significant impact on ALL of your customers – whether they realize it or not!


Watch our latest webinar focused on these updates to ensure you have a strong understanding of what is going on right now with VMware, and how you can guide your customers to the right solution for their needs, based on their current tech stack and future business goals. To view the full webinar recording, log into Pathfinder 2.0 using your company’s custom URL.


During the webinar, our own AVANT experts, as well as those from key cloud solution providers, break down the following:

  • The current state of the cloud landscape, in regards to VMware updates
  • Immediate and long-term impacts your customers are facing
  • What options businesses have to mitigate impacts and strengthen their cloud strategy
  • How Trusted Advisors can leverage these updates as the ultimate cloud conversation starter


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