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Register for the Trustwave Spotlight Briefing

Tuesday February 19th

Trustwave Spotlight Briefing

Register to learn how to leverage Trustwave Security Solutions to protect your customers.

Another day, another security breach in the news.  The consequences go beyond the immediately visible.  There's damage to the brand, lost trust amongst customers and the public, regulatory liability, lawsuits...  the list goes on.  The best way to recover from such events is to prevent them.  Please join Trustwave as they discuss the tools and resources available to partners and customers to mitigate a dynamically changing threat landscape, including:
  • Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)
  • Managed third party products
  • Security assessments and incident response
  • Secure email gateway in the cloud
  • And database protection

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Trustwave Spotlight Briefing
Tuesday, February 19th

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