Spectrotel’s 25-year history is in providing the most optimized tailored communications solutions, aggregating hundreds of disparate networks, carriers, transports, and equipment throughout North America to deliver a single cohesive, affordable solution that can be viewed and managed through a single source. But the market has evolved, with organizational drivers, user expectations, and enabling technologies blurring the lines between and among infrastructure, hardware, network, and voice solutions and their integrators. Enter the Next Generation Aggregator, a new kind of solutions provider, expanding traditional spheres of influence and disrupting the status quo to deliver real choice and expertise in a variety of enabling technologies. And with one expert provider consulting on, designing, implementing, managing, and supporting your customers’ next-generation solutions for the digital workplace, they can go beyond the simplicity of a single point of contact, billing, and control to derive the benefits that only come from a long-term relationship with one dedicated business partner. Spectrotel is pioneering this new provider class, building on a foundation of data and network integration to uniquely craft comprehensive highly scalable, and reliable solutions for: Cloud Communications Connectivity Managed Services Security Consulting and Professional Services