SCB Global

SCB Global has emerged as one of the leading providers of multinational telecoms and data solutions. They pride themselves to be one of the most proactive and customer orientated telecommunication partners in the EMEA, US, and Asia PAC regions. Tailor-made communications solution is designed for all clients irrespective of the size or complexity of the requirement.SCB Global has vast knowledge and experience in implementing successful business SIP, cloud telephony, contact center solutions, and data connectivity for global offices. Clients can switch seamlessly and immediately benefit from cost savings, improved productivity and a guaranteed exceptionally high-quality service with built-in resilience.SCB Global designs and delivers simple solutions for any telephony and data connectivity requirements even the most complicated requirements are achieved through flexible and resilient solutions that are expertly designed and bespoke to each client’s requirements.SCB Global specializes in global SIP services cloud communications solutions that are competitively priced and vendor agnostic on any PBX or SBC. SCB Global’s enhanced SIP service can be delivered to both UK and international sites with number range of 8,000+ cities around the world; many number ranges have the option of local SIP trunks for local emergency dialing.