At Effortless Office, we make IT effortless. We are a Channel-only, national managed services provider with two decades of experience pioneering a hybrid cloud approach to maximize IT environments, improve business outcomes, and create an effortless customer experience. By blending secured legacy environments with hybrid cloud solutions, we deliver maximum accessibility, so staff can work anywhere securely while being supported by our 24/7, US-based help desk. Although known for our flagship desktop-as-a-service product, our breadth of offering and service-oriented approach make us a powerful IT partner; whether clients need to compute, endpoint, or network management, compliance and security, infrastructure, or technology road-mapping resources. In partnership with Switch, we offer a best-in-class, geographically redundant, national hybrid cloud approach that is more cost-effective than using the public clouds of AWS or Azure alone. Our unique compliance-as-a-service offering helps businesses feel secure and resilient — at a fraction of the cost of traditional alternatives.