Who is Coro- Coro is a cloud cybersecurity company that provides protection for the top 4 domains that affect businesses the most: Endpoints, Cloud Apps (O365, G-suite, Box, Dropbox, Slack and Salesforce), Data and Email. We do this using a single unified platform that allows you to realize cybersecurity best practices affordably and remediate issues immediately. Coro makes it easy by offering unparalleled defense, unrivaled ease of use, and unmatched affordability – plus free monitoring forever.


Superpower – Our all in one cyber protection platform prioritizes your time. We complete 99% of your cloud security to do list. Complete the other 1% with just a clock.


In our words-  We are the fastest growing cybersecurity company on the market today. This is thanks to our award winning, all in one cyber protection platform. There is no other product on the market today that can protect your email, endpoints, cloud apps and data under one dashboard on one platform. IT leaders are having to use multiple products with multiple dashboards to accomplish this today. It is way to complicated for your smaller IT teams. We make it simple and affordable.