Uncommonly comprehensive, uncommonly great results. Break the mold with CIS, a premier North American technology services provider. 

The “old way” of managing IT networks no longer fits the needs of modern IT leaders. CIS is the single-source partner you need in today’s technology landscape. We provide the services, solutions, and hardware you need to build, manage, support, and optimize your ideal IT network while filling resource gaps and leveraging industry expertise.

What does the next generation of IT service providers look like? CIS offers:

  • Holistic, end-to-end solutions to help you thrive in a fast-paced, competitive marketplace.
  • Comprehensive support, including a dedicated account manager.
  • A true single source for all your technology needs
  • Multiple areas of expertise and experience for you to leverage.
  • A revolutionary scalable service model to grow with you.


Are you ready to disrupt the way things were done without disrupting your team’s rhythm? When uncommon results are what you want, start by talking to the uncommon provider