The Talent Balance

 | Dec 21, 2022
 | 23 min.
AVANT Analytics

“Find an employer that is going to support you, train you, and give you that opportunity.”

All along the cybersecurity side of the house, everyone needs to take best practices and precautions seriously. You should assume someone is attempting to get into every single device you have that is connected to the Internet. Enterprises must make sure they are protected by seeking out talented people who can provide that necessary support.

How does Thrive solve the talent balancing problem? They don’t just have a single-pronged attack; they actually go through multiple levels. In this episode, Senior Director of AVANT Analytics Stephen Semmelroth and CEO of Thrive Rob Stephenson break into the details of the art of talent balance and offer a helpful guide to finding the right people who can help your organization stay protected.


Stephen Semmelroth

Sr Director of Security, AVANT


Rob Stephenson

CEO, Thrive