| Nov 11, 2019

SD-WAN: How it can impact your business; its pros; its cons; and things to consider when implementing this market-disrupting network technology as part of your digital transformation roadmap. For a complete analysis, download a complimentary copy of the AVANT 6-12 Report: SD-WAN at https://goavant.net/sdwan-report.


Ken Presti

Research Vice President

Ken is a veteran IT industry analyst with layers of experience, from working as a Research Director at IDC to running his own market research and channel advisory firm. His areas of expertise encompass go-to-market and channel strategies spanning the industry sectors of networking, cloud, security, and telecom. When he is not looking deep into the details, Ken Presti has a hobby of looking out to the stars. He has a couple of telescopes, including one that is about the size of a small hot water heater.

As AVANT’s resident digi-teller, he’s relating the insights gleaned from decades of experience and thousands of real-world IT purchasing decisions and transactions to tell the story of today’s technology and predict actionable insights for tomorrow.

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