Review of 2023 SASE Gartner Magic Quadrant

 | Jan 3, 2024
 | 23 min.
AVANT Analytics SASE

Recently, one of our podcast hosts, Alex Danyluk was scrolling through LinkedIn and saw that AVANT’s resident SASE expert, Sarah Arnstein, was compiling her own write-up on the very first Gartner Magic Quadrant for Single-Vendor SASE Report. From there, this episode was born! Dive into our new episode as Alex Danyluk, Managing Director of AVANT Analytics, and Sales Engineer Sarah Arnstein discuss what is going on in the SASE landscape. Listen in and discover how things have evolved even further since Gartner’s SASE report landed, as well as some surprising takeaways our AVANT Analytics experts are sharing from the report!


Follow along with the Gartner report as you listen! Download their full report here >>


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Alex Danyluk

Managing Director of AVANT Analytics


Sarah Arnstein

Sales Engineer, AVANT

Get SASE with Sarah>> https://getsasewithsarah.com/