Hiring Veterans with the Skillbridge Program

 | Nov 9, 2022
 | 34 min.
AVANT Analytics

Welcome to a special Veteran’s Day podcast hosted by AVANT Sr. Director of Security and Kyle Hall and Adrian Tilston of Resourcive. In this episode, they discuss how they bring on transitioning veterans and explore their own journeys of transition. Join us and learn how to capitalize on talent that can help you move that needle.

“It doesn’t matter how big or small your organization is if you’re hiring right now. There is a program that can get transitioning veterans into that through Skillbridge. There are so many organizations, from Hiring Our Heroes to Shift or a whole myriad of programs, to help transition veterans and get them into your company. You really don’t have a reason not to be leveraging this, because it is so easy and it’s such a high payoff,” said Adrian Tilston.


Stephen Semmelroth

Sr Director of Security, AVANT


Kyle Hall

President, Resourcive

Adrian Tilston

Cyber Practice Lead, Resourcive