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Prepare Yourself for Battle

Special Forces Training 

Immersive sales training for next-gen IT solutions.


Special Forces

Get Battle-Ready with Special Forces Training

AVANT’s Special Forces Training is an immersive two-day training program for AVANT partners only that prepares you for battle against the competition in the war for market share of IT solution sales. The competition for enterprise IT business is fierce but we'll give you the edge you need to strike early on emerging opportunitites like SD-WAN and Security.  
  • Introduction into the AVANT methodology
  • Conditioning for selling in today’s dynamic IT environment
  • Competence training for our enablement tools
  • Advanced sales strategies to drive more UCaaS, Security, or SD-WAN revenue
  • Dinner events and wrap-party at exclusive venues  
Stay ahead of the compeititon and the market, complete the form to request a guest invitation to the next Special Forces Training!